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Sampling the Bratina Island Ponds 5 - Bratina Island Day 1

We flew into Bratina at about 11am on Friday the 13th (picture of once we landed below), the weather was clear and beautiful and Bratina was looking at its best. The first job for me was to collect soil samples from around the camp before we had been there too long. The point of these samples is to determine what human bioindicators remain in the soil around the camp (if any) after researchers have been there so the first thing I needed to do was see if there is any trace from the last 20 years of research on Bratina before we put our genetic mark on the landscape. Once we did that we set up camp (tents, cooking facilities, science gear where it needed to be, lab set up, personal gear stowed, generators hooked up, huts cleaned etc etc etc.


By the time we had finised all that we still had a few hours before dinner so we decided to scout out the ponds and ckeck out Bratina island, below is a picture of us hiking to the top, collecting a few samples along the way. The views were amazing out over the Ross ice shelf, the thing that always blows you away is the scale of Antarctica, due to there being no trees of buildings in site it is often hard for you to grasp just how huge some of the landscape features are.


After our trip to the top we headed back to camp for dinner, a move, a breif of where we were going and what we wre doing the next day and bed.

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