St Peter's School students check out Waikato University

21 November 2008
Year 10 students from St Peter's School were among 350 teenagers who descended on Waikato University recently for an annual experience day.

The university hosted the Year 10 students from schools around the greater Waikato and the Bay of Plenty region. The November 18 experience day aimed to introduce the students to the university environment, showcase the Hamilton campus and provide a range of interesting mini-lectures for them.

The half-hour lectures included such topics as learning what judges do, a look at the US presidential election, an introduction to computer graphic design and talking your way to the top.

Among the visitors were Emma Carpenter and Connie Minett from St Peter's School. Both said they had a great time at the university.

Emma, who plans to attend Waikato in 2012, liked the mini-lectures the best, particularly the theatre studies lecture with John Davies. "My 'dream career' lies with musical theatre and performing. Mr Davies introduces a whole new way of looking at acting, and proposed a completely different form of character transformation today," she said. "I loved this lecture because it opened my eyes to the possibility of studying theatre at Waikato which I didn't think was possible. Today was awesome!"

Connie's favourite part of the day was having lunch at the Halls of Residence and she also enjoyed the mini-lectures, particularly Associate Professor Samuel Charlton's psychology session.

"I really enjoyed the mini-lectures, especially the one on exploring the human mind. I was really impressed about the amount of enthusiasm the lecturers had for their subjects. The university and its campus is wonderful and intriguing."

This is the third year the university's recruitment office has held an experience day to show students what it will be like for them as university students at Waikato.

Year 10 students from St Peter's School

WAIKATO FANS - St Peter's School students Connie Minett, right, and Emma Carpenter in a mini-lecture at the University of Waikato experience day. Photo: Supplied.