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Discussion Papers

These discussion papers were all produced under the auspices of the Population Studies Centre (and/or Migration Research Group) prior to the Centre's transition to NIDEA. Copies of items not online are available on request, email:

Discussion Papers 1996 - 2000 (Papers 11 - 37)


Bedford, R., Ho, E. & Lidgard, J. International Migration in New Zealand: Context, Components and policy Issues, October, 2000.


Bedford, R. Perspectives on International Migration, Urban Social Transformation and the Research/Policy Interface, October 2000.


Martin, B. Sub-National Income Differentials, 1986-1996, July 2000.


Ho, E., Bedford, R. & Bedford, C. Migrants in their Family Contexts: Application of a Methodology, June 2000.


Marsault, Anyes, Retirement Provision for New Zealand Women: The Relative Role of Demographic Influences, August 1999.


Joseph, Alun E. Toward an Understanding of the Interrelated Dynamics of Change in Agriculture and Rural Communities, March 1999.


Hillcoat-Nallétamby, S., Dharmalingam, A., Koopman-Boyden, P. & Pool I. Family Solidarity and the 'Sandwich Generations' in New Zealand, February 1999.


Bedford, R., Ho, E. & Skeldon, R. The Asian Financial Crisis and Migration: Perspectives From the Asian Region and New Zealand, December 1998.


Lidgard, J., Ho, E., Chen, Y-Y, Goodwin, J. and Bedford, R. Immigrants from Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong in New Zealand in the mid-1990s: Macro and Micro Perspectives, November 1998.


Pool, I. and Honey, J. The Scientific Workforce: Implications for New Zealand's Future Science Infrastructure , November 1998.


Hillcoat-Nallétamby, S., Dharmalingam, A. and Pool, I. Family Formation, Support Resources and Women's Economic Activity: A New Zealand Case Study, October 1998


Lidgard, J., Bedford, R. and Goodwin, J. International Migration from Northeast Asia & Population Change in New Zealand, 1986 - 1996, July 1998.


Lidgard, J., Bedford, R. and Goodwin, J. Transformations in New Zealand's International Migration System: 1981-1996, June 1998.


Dharmalingam, A. & Barnes, J. Policies and Programmes for the Elderly in New Zealand, January 1998.


Bedford, R., Ho, E., Lidgard, J. and Goodwin, J. International Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region: Perspectives on Theory and Method, September 1997.


Dickson, J., Fish, F., Marsault, A., Pool, I and Martin, B. New Zealand Women: Constraints to Savings for Retirement, September 1997.


Pool, I. Technical & Policy Aspects of Ageing in New Zealand, September 1997.


Martin, B. Away From Equality: Change in Personal Incomes, 1951 to 1991. May 1997.


Bedford, R. and Lidgard, J. International Migration in the Asia-Pacific Region in the 1980s & 1990s: Two New Zealand Perspectives. December 1996.


Pool, I. and Bedford, R. Macro Social Change in New Zealand: Historical and International Contexts. September 1996.


Ho, E., Yunn-Ya, C., Soon-Nam, K. and Young, J. In Search of a Better Future: Report of a Survey on Post-School Education & Employment Choices among Asian Adolescent Migrants. September 1996.


Pool, I. Societal Change, Social Policy & Demographic Transition: Towards an Analytical Framework. September 1996.


Pool, I., Bedford, R., Farmer, R., Ho, E., Johnstone, K, Lidgard, J. and Young, J. New Zealanders: A Nation of Boat People, August 1996.


Ho, E. Researching Post-School Education & Employment Choices Among Asian Adolescent Migrants: A Report on Methodological Issues, July 1996.


Young, J. & Bedford, R. Inter-Regional Migration in New Zealand, 1986-1991: Patterns and Profiles. May 1996.


Lidgard, J.M. East Asian Migration to Aotearoa/New Zealand; Perspectives of Some New Arrivals. April 1996.


Shirley, R. Changes in New Zealand Work Patterns: Casualisation of the Labour Force, 1976-91. March 1996.

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