Cycle 5 Academic Audit 

A "Whole of Institution" Audit with a focus on teaching, learning and student support


Background Information

The University of Waikato is undertaking the Cycle 5 Academic Audit in association with the Academic Quality Agency for New Zealand Universities (AQA). The Cycle 5 Academic Audits of New Zealand universities commenced in the second half of 2013 and the indicative site visit timings are as follows:


Cycle 5 site visit

Published audit report

Massey University

November 2013

March 2014

University of Auckland

July 2014

November 2014

Victoria University of Wellington

August 2014

December 2014


November 2014

March 2015

University of Waikato

August 2015

AUT University


University of Otago


Lincoln University


The University of Waikato has undergone a period of significant change since the Cycle 4 Academic Audit in 2010 and the Cycle 5 Academic Audit is an opportunity for us to evaluate our self and demonstrate our strengths and progression.  For more information on the purposes and objectives of the AQA Audit Cycles visit their website

Key Dates

Self-Review Portfolio development

August 2014 – April 2015

Self-Review Portfolio approved by the Academic Board for submission to AQA

April 2015

Self-Review Portfolio and key documents submitted to AQA and members of the Audit Panel

11 May 2015

Site Visit planning meeting whereby the University will be advised of indicative programme and likely interviewees for the Site Visit.

14 July 2015

Site Visit schedule development in consultation with AQA.

Staff that will be involved in the Site Visit will be contacted with further information.

27 July 2015

Academic Audit Site Visit

17-21 August 2015

Academic Audit Report received from AQA

November 2015

Informal feedback submitted to AQA six weeks after the report is released regarding recommendations and audit processes

January 2016

12 month report on Audit outcomes submitted to AQA

November 2016

Self-Review Portfolio

The Self-Review Portfolio will comprise of a report plus key supporting documents and is being developed in accordance with the seven key Academic Activity Themes and 40 Guideline Statements. The Self-Review Portfolio will also outline the University's response to the Cycle 4 recommendations. For each key Academic Activity Theme, we will provide evidence to assure we are meeting our own expectations and the AQA Guideline statements. In reporting within each academic activity area, we will respond to the Guideline Statements by addressing the standard audit questions:

  • What is our university's particular objective/commitment? (university expectations)
  • What do we do to meet – or exceed – this objective/commitment? (verification)
  • Do we succeed in meeting the expectation and our own objective/commitments? (quality assurance – evaluation)
  • How do we know? (quality assurance - evidence)
  • What are we going to do about it? (enhancement)

The University submitted its Self-Review Portfolio to AQA on 11 May 2015. The audit panel will review the Self-Review Portfolio and corresponding supporting documents focussing on the quality of our processes and activities prior to the site visit.

Academic Audit Panel Site Visit

The Academic Audit Panel Site Visit will be scheduled for August 2015 and usually takes place over three days.  The aim of the site visit is to conduct interviews with an appropriate range of staff and students within the University. The panel will also use this time to read supplementary material and to consider and develop the report.

When the University receives confirmation of the Academic Audit Panel, further background information on the panel members will be provided via this website.

This website will updated on a regular basis as the University progresses with the development of the Self-Review Portfolio.

If you have any questions or concerns about the audit process, please contact the Project Manager, Cassandra Beattie, on or ext 6050.

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