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Changing Times for Teachers Reflected in Changes in Our Teaching Standards

Posted 18 Jun 2017 10:06am

In July, 2017, teachers will be held to new benchmarks of their professional practice through 6 Teaching Standards which will replace the 12 existing PTCs (practising teacher criteria). Here's what you need to know...

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Flipped Learning - Why You Must!

Posted 02 May 2017 9:20am by Leigh Hynes

Like all good pedagogies, flipped learning is one that you can adapt and polish to suit your own circumstances.   I am leading a couple of workshops on flipped learning in Wellington this June and so thought it was timely to revisit some of the tenets that I believe are upheld by flipping.

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Developing an Inquiry Disposition in the First Month

Posted 08 Feb 2017 11:08am

I was inspired to write this after reading a few posts from people I admire.

Firstly, Kath Murdoch's post 'Establishing a Culture of Inquiry Through Inquiry' caught my eye. In it she discussed some of the questions we might ask of students so that they are involved in designing the learning and developing a learning community in the classroom...

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A Tool to Reflect on The Seven Principles of Learning in Your Class

Posted 27 Nov 2016 10:01am

The OECD brought out a practitioners guide to innovative learning environments called The Nature of Learning.  In it, the Seven Principles of Learning are outlined, and these are based on research on how we learn.
We should use these principles to guide the development of the environment in which we learn.  In other words, as teachers we should be using these principles in our classrooms.

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Sharing - the Moral Imperative for Teachers

Posted 06 Sep 2016 10:24am

This video of Dean Shareski doing an online keynote sharing is one of the most inspiring I have seen for a while.

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GAFE learnings

Posted 07 May 2016 11:26am

I have been presenting at the GAFE Edtech Summits in Auckland and Wellington over the school holiday break, leading a couple of workshops at each one.  In between my own workshops, I attended a number of other workshops and keynotes that were not only fun and full of learning, they were inspirational (and I do not use that word lightly because it is bandied around in social media so much I have almost removed it from my vocabulary as a protest.)

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