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Jan Martin

Title: Director, Institute of Professional Learning: Te Whai Toi Tangata
Location: Hamilton
  • MOE Accredited
  • English Medium Accredited

  • Ontario Principals Programme
  • Restorative Practice

Phone: 07 838 4874
Email: jan.martin@waikato.ac.nz


MEd Leadership, School Governance, First Class Honours - University of Waikato

My Experience

Ko Te Tangata

Ko Te Kura Toi Tangata

Te hei, ko Te Whai Toi Tangata

Tihei mauri ora

My mihi talks of my place in the Institute of Professional Learning (IPL), the Faculty of Education and the University of Waikato. It encompasses our role as being ‘of the people’ and aligns with my strong belief that all ākonga have the right to enjoy educational success.

The challenge of facilitating diverse groups and facing complex issues is something I passionately enjoy. Working alongside leaders and team members I suggest approaches that enable them to reframe problems, explore possibilities and decide on individual and group actions that will contribute to improved outcomes for all involved. As groups work together to build relational trust, I add value by listening to understand and questioning to clarify the issues, before suggesting ways forward.

Leading by influence rather than by position is my preference and I am comfortable with uncertainty and change.