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Gifted and Talented Education

"A rising tide lifts all ships." - Joseph Renzulli

Gifted and Talented Education

Ensuring that all students are catered for appropriately is at the heart of gifted and talented education. A sustained focus on high expectations and excellence has been shown to raise the achievement of all students. Many of the principles that underpin gifted and talented education are increasingly being recognised as effective learning practices for all students.

IPL consultants have a wide range of experience and credibility in gifted and talented education and have held leadership positions in this field. We work collaboratively with schools to provide professional learning that is practical, sustainable and relevant to each school's culture and community. Our work is informed by high quality research and knowledge of best practices for gifted and talented students.

Our team can support you to:

  • Assess what is already working well for gifted and talented students in your school and identify any gaps in provision
  • Develop the capability and confidence of teachers and school leaders to cater appropriately for this group of learners
  • Establish processes for identifying gifted and talented students and tracking their progress and achievement
  • Develop and implement school-wide provisions that are responsive to the range of gifts, talents and cultures found within your school's population
  • Strengthen understandings about gifted and talented education within your school and the wider community
  • Integrate effective teaching and learning practices that are desirable for all students but essential for gifted and talented students
  • Increase understanding about how to identify and cater for gifted and talented students who are twice-exceptional and/or underachieving
  • Raise awareness of the social and emotional issues facing gifted and talented students and provide options for addressing these
  • Integrate a blended e-learning approach that is grounded in the principles of gifted and talented education.

Additional options:

  • Setting up professional learning groups (PLGs) within or across schools
  • Cross-curricular planning and implementation
  • Transitioning students between schools and education sectors
  • Facilitating conversations with parents and/or outside providers
  • Developing personalised learning pathways (PLPs) for exceptional students
  • Surveying students, parents, teachers and the wider community to inform professional learning
  • Personalised coaching for school-based gifted and talented education co-ordinators.

For further information about consultancy opportunities in gifted and talented education, please contact consultancy@waikato.ac.nz