Human Research Ethics Committee

(An Advisory Committee to the Vice-Chancellor)


Confirmed 2017 ethics application deadlines for the Human Research Ethics Committee: 31 May, 28 Jun, 2 Aug, 30 Aug, and 4 Oct

The Human Research Ethics Committee is responsible to the Academic Board for the promotion, review and monitoring of ethical practice in human research carried out by staff or students of the University and for monitoring compliance with the University's Human Research Ethics Regulations.

Those intending to conduct human research should, in the first instance, assess the ethical status of their projects by discussion with colleagues (or if a student, with their supervisor) and with reference to any appropriate professional ethical codes. Every proposal for human research to be carried out by staff or students of the University must be referred to the relevant School or Departmental committee (or, where none exists, to the University Human Research Ethics Committee), which must satisfy itself that the research project:

  • will comply with the current professional standards pertaining to the discipline or paradigm within which the research is to be conducted, and
  • is in accordance with University policies and principles of human research.

University Regulations and Guidelines

Ethical Conduct in Human Research and Related Activities Regulations

Handbook on Research and Outside Professional Activities (being updated)

Staff Code of Conduct

Student Research Regulations

Postgraduate Studies

Delegated Ethics Committees

The University of Waikato Human Research Ethics Committee has authorized the below delegated Human Research Ethics Committees to undertake, prior to the commencement of the research or related activities, the review of low risk proposals involving human participants. The review is to ensure that the proposals comply with the principles and policies adopted by the Academic Board and are defensible in terms of current debate within the relevant discipline or paradigms.

Delegated Ethics Committees

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies
  • Faculty of Science and Engineering
  • School of Psychology
  • Waikato Management School

Human Research Ethics Committee (Health)

The University of Waikato Human Research Ethics Committee has NZ Health Research Council Ethics Committee (HDEC) approval to review health and disability research applications.

In the first instance all applications are forwarded to the Faculty / School of Studies / or department committee. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from their supervisors.

Here is a simplified flow chart of the University of Waikato health and disability research review process.

Here is a link to a flow diagram which can help you determine the types of research we are able to review, and research which must still be sent to HDEC for consideration (e.g. intervention studies, human reproductive research).

Here is a link to HDEC Standard Operating Procedures for Health and Disability Ethics Committees referenced in the above flow diagram. (Note: pp. 10-13 explain the differences between observational and intervention studies)

Specific expertise and experience of the 2016 Committee is available here.

University Human Research Ethics Committee 2017

  1. Chairperson appointed by the Academic Board: Dr Julie Barbour
  2. One academic staff member appointed annually by each Board of Studies on the nomination of the relevant Dean:

    Arts and Social Sciences Dr Ruth Walker
    (Dr Liezl van Zyl from 1 July)
    Psychology Dr Rebecca Sargisson
    Computing and Mathematical Sciences Prof Mark Apperley
    Education Ms Sonja Arndt
    (Dr Carl Mika from 1 July)
    Health, Sport and Human Performance Dr Matt Driller
    Law Dr Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez
    (Dr Valmaine Toki from 1 July)
    Management Dr Mary Simpson
    Māori and Indigenous Studies A/Prof Maui Hudson
    Science and Engineering Dr Karsten Zegwaard
  3. One person, not a University of Waikato staff member, appointed by the Vice Chancellor: Dr Mike Loten
  4. One Postgraduate student appointed annually by the Vice Chancellor: Paola Rodriguez Salinas
  5. Secretary: Lois Vuursteen, email

2017 Meeting Dates

Meeting date Application deadline
7 June 31 May
5 July 28 June
9 August 2 August
6 September 30 August
11 October 4 October
8 November1 November
6 December29 November

The first meeting for 2018 will be in February with a due date for applications on 25th January. Further 2018 dates to be announced in the New Year.