Current Marsden Fund projects

The Marsden Fund is the primary mechanism in New Zealand for funding pure research, which is undertaken solely to increase knowledge. The Marsden Fund supports research that is investigator-driven rather than funder or industry-driven. The outcome of most pure research is publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.

Principal Researcher(s)
Contract Value
Local Lingo: Dialect formation and function in the North Island kokako Prof Joseph Waas $655,000
Brain connections via Turing structures
Prof Moira Steyn-Ross & Assoc. Prof Alistair Steyn-Ross $619,997
New approaches to uncouple thermoactivity from thermostability in enzymes Assoc Prof Vic Arcus & Prof Roy Daniel $985,000
Life at the extreme: resolving the genetic basis of microbial endemism in the super-heated soils of Mt Erebus, Antarctica Prof Craig Cary

Taming reactive main group element hydrides Prof Bill Henderson $518,000
Engaging women and migrants in public policy making (Fast Start Award) Dr Rachel Simon-Kumar $300,000
The role of Maori cultural support for employees and employers (Fast Start Award) Assoc Prof Jarrod Haar $300,000
What counts as healthy food? balancing organizational tensions between private and public agendas. Dr Alison Henderson $300,000
Sustainability at the cross roads: examining the vulnerability of New Zealand's global environmental positioning Prof Juliet Roper $773,000
Sustainable citizenship: transforming public engagement on new and emerging technologies Assoc Prof Priya Kurian & Assoc Prof Debashish Munshi $559,000
APAKURA: the Maori way of death. Prof Ngahuia Te Awekotuku & Assoc Prof Linda Nikora $948,000
A new mechanism for post-transcriptional regulation in prokaryotes Assoc Prof Vic Arcus $895,051
Elucidating the origin and ecology of TTX: the phantom marine toxin Prof Craig Cary $750,000
Microbial diversity in the extreme—Abiotically driven biocomplexity in the Antarctic Dry Valleys Dr Charles Lee $307,000
Can firms spend their way out of a recession? Prof Harald van Heerde $740,000
Why the world does not look flat to Cyclops and one-eyed pirates: The role of visual motion in human depth perception Assoc Prof John Perrone $749,058
New views from old soils: reconstructing environmental and climatic change using genetic signals preserved in buried paleosols on dated volcanic-ash beds Prof David Lowe $825,000
Videogame classification: Assessing the experience of play Dr Gareth Schott $405,000
Playing with reality? Online documentary culture and its users Dr Craig Hight $442,079
Ethnicity counts?: A global model of ethnic enumeration Dr Tahu Kukutai $307,000


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