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Submitting a Thesis

How and when to submit a PhD, EdD or MPhil thesis
Submission of thesis copies prior to examination
Submission of additional material in CD-ROM or other format
Deposit of thesis copies after examination


A candidate may submit a thesis at any time after the minimum time for the qualification specified in the appropriate regulation, that is two years (full-time), four years (part-time) for PhD and EdD and one year (full-time), two years (part-time) for MPhil, even though the candidate's registration or enrolment may be for a longer period.

Candidates for higher degrees should normally agree with their supervisor(s) as to when their thesis is ready for formal examination.

The Thesis Submission Form includes a declaration that the thesis has been reviewed by the chief supervisor and is considered ready/not ready for submission. If the chief supervisor considers that the thesis is not ready for submission, the reservations should be explained to the student and attached in writing to the Thesis Submission Form as a Statement of Reservations. The candidate will be required to certify that these reservations have been sighted by countersigning the Statement of Reservations.

The candidate is required to complete the thesis and submit it in the form prescribed by the regulations The thesis is submitted to the Postgraduate Studies Office and is accompanied by the completed Thesis Submission Form.

Where a thesis is used as a final report to a collaborating organisation, it is not forwarded to that organisation until it has been formally accepted in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a research degree by the University.

Once submitted, neither the thesis nor any part of it may be returned to the candidate or given to any persons, other than the external examiners, for any purposes whatsoever before the examination process is complete.


Three soft-bound or fully bound (hard-bound) copies of the thesis should be taken to the Postgraduate Studies Office, along with the completed Thesis Submission Form. The required forms relating to ethics and library authorisation may be completed at the Postgraduate Studies Office where candidates are also issued with a receipt for the thesis copies. Two copies of the thesis are then couriered to the external examiners. The third copy is provided to the chief supervisor.

It is advisable to submit the thesis for examination in the soft-bound format because this is comparatively inexpensive and makes later correction or amendment relatively easy. Many successful candidates are required to make minor corrections before the thesis can be finally accepted and the degree awarded.


Unless the material submitted is for the performing arts then the text i.e. the thesis, must be fully self-contained. The submission of additional material must be approved by the Postgraduate Studies Committee and the Postgraduate Studies Office should be forewarned.


After examination, all copies of theses are returned to the University by the examiners. Once the degree has been awarded, two fully bound (hard-bound) copies of the thesis are required. One copy of the thesis will become the property of the department which provided primary supervision. One fully bound copy of the thesis must be forwarded to the Postgraduate Studies Office for lodging with the University Library.

If a candidate is required to produce additional copies of the thesis, as for example when the research has been supervised by staff within two departments, the candidate may reasonably expect reimbursement of the marginal cost of producing the additional copy or copies from the department concerned. Candidates are urged to discuss reimbursement of the cost of producing any additional copies with their supervisor before such copies are made. Candidates may wish to offer their supervisor a personal copy and arrange copies for personal use.