University of Waikato Taught Postgraduate Scholarship

Closing Date:

31 October, 2017

Round 1 -  October 2017 (for S, A or C Semester 2018).
C Semester papers must commence between 1 Jan- 30 Jun
Applicants may only apply for a maximum of 60 points per round

Required documents:

You are required to prepare and complete the following document/s prior to commencing this application:

Please ensure that all questions are answered and that all the required attachments accompany this application form. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

If your circumstances change after the submission of this application, e.g. you apply for or receive another Scholarship, please inform the Scholarships Office immediately.

Personal Details
* If you do not have a Waikato Student ID number, you can register to enrol and receive one here. We will use your contact details on the University’s database; you must keep them updated via iWaikato.

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