Graduation at Te Kohinga Marama Marae

Te Kohinga Marama Marae


Please note there is no parking available in Gate 4 of the University, however pay-and-display parking is available in University car parks within walking distance of the Marae.

Graduation Procedure

Graduands and guests are asked to assemble at Gate 4 in Hillcrest Road, ready to be called onto Te Kohinga Marama Marae.

There is allocated seating for graduands and a seating number along with an information booklet will be mailed to all graduands three weeks prior to the ceremony. Please move onto the Marae ātea and talk to staff if you do not have your seating number upon arrival.

Each row of graduands should take its cue to rise from the Marshal who will lead each row (in strict numerical order) to stand beside the seats to the left of Te Ao Hurihuri (the meeting house).

When your name is called, you will walk up on to the mahau where the Chancellor will be standing. You should hold your mortarboard in your left hand with the front facing the Chancellor, and pass it to the Chancellor who will cap you with your own mortarboard and shake your hand. You will then move across the mahau to the Vice-Chancellor/Dean who will hand you your certificate, and shake your hand. You should then return to your seat.

If you are receiving a diploma or certificates you will be called in the same way as for degrees and will shake hands with the Chancellor, receive the diploma or certificate from the Assistant Vice-Chancellor, shake hands and then return to your seat. The Chancellor does not 'cap' diploma or certificate recipients.


All graduating students and their guests are invited to an informal social gathering after each of the ceremonies. Light refreshments will be served and you can mingle with academic staff and other graduates. There is no admission fee.