Frequently Asked Questions

What dates are evaluations open to students?

Some teachers set dates that their evaluation will to be open to students. Your lecturer will tell you these dates in class, through Moodle or via email.

For teachers who do not choose specific evaluation dates, default dates are set by the university. For A and B semester, evaluations will open 2 weeks before the end of teaching and close on the last Sunday of exam week.

Why are some teaching evaluations available during the mid-semester break?  

Teachers who are only teaching in the first half of semester may choose to have a mid-semester evaluation. These teaching evaluations will be open the Monday before teaching recess starts and close on the last Friday of the recess.

This paper hasn't finished yet, why am I being asked to evaluate it?

Evaluations are set up based on the papers official end date. For some papers (especially those with a 'C' code) this date is not a suitable time for the paper to be evaluated. If this happens please contact your lecturer and let them know that the evaluation dates need to be changed. Alternatively, contact the Appraisals and Evaluation Team ( and we will contact he lecturer for you.

I can't see my teacher on list of teachers to select.

This is because your teacher is not be linked to the paper in the Student Management System. If this occurs, contact the Appraisals and Evaluation Team ( and we will have them added to the list of teacher's to evaluate.

When I click on the link, it does not take me to the evaluations

Only students who are enrolled in a paper are able to compete the evaluation. For this reason, you need to log in with your student ID in order to access the paper and teaching evaluations.

Information about how to access your evaluations.

The paper I am taking does not appear on the list of papers I need to evaluate

There are a few reasons why this might be the case.

  1. Paper and teaching evaluations are not automatically set up for papers with less than 6 students enrolled. If there are few students enrolled in the paper this is the most likely reason that the evaluation is not available.
  2. The paper convenor has chosen not to conduct and evaluation for this occurrence of the paper. The current university policy states that all papers must be evaluated at least every second occurrence, so it will be evaluated the next time that the paper is taught.
  3. The lecturer may have decided to evaluate the paper at a different time. If the lecturer has decided to do this, they will tell you the dates that the evaluation will be available. This is often the case for 'C' semester papers.

If you are unsure why the paper is not appearing in the list of papers for you to evaluate contact the Appraisals and Evaluation Team (

What other ways can I give feedback about this teacher

If you have positive feedback about your learning experience, your lecturer would love to hear from you. You could either talk to them after class or you could send them an email.

If you think that this teacher has done an awesome job, you may like to nominate them for a Teaching Excellence Award.

If you would like to provide feedback to your lecturer and there is no evaluation available, you can do this through your Class Representative. If following this does not bring satisfactory results, you can make a formal complaint.