3MT - FAQs

Do you have a question about the 3MT competition? You might find your answer in the list below. If you still require further information, please email the School of Graduate Research at

Q. Will there be a winner from each heat?
A. No, the judges will choose 10 finalists to compete in the final. These 10 finalists will be the best overall; there will not necessarily be a finalist selected from each

Q. What will the 3MT Doctoral winners receive?
A. The overall winner will receive a $1,000 research or conference grant, as well as travel and accommodation to the 2017 Asia Pacific 3MT Competition. The Runner up will receive a $1,000 research or conference grant and the people’s choice winner will receive a $500 research or conference grant.

Q. What will the 3MT Masters winners receive?
A. The overall winner will receive a $1,000 research or conference grant, and the runner up will receive a $500 research or conference grant.

Q. How are the contestants assigned to a heat?
A. Heat assignment will be completed by the School of Graduate Research once applications have closed.  Where possible, consideration will be given to heat preferences, however, we cannot guarantee your place in a particular heat.

Q. Can I bring props along?
A. No.

Q. Can I use sound or video?
A. No.

Q. Are the heats open to the public?
A. Yes, all heats are open to the public and competitors. We encourage you to bring support, as well as to watch the heats and your fellow competitors.

Q. Can I present by video conference?
A. No, all competitors must present in person.

Q. What do you mean by one slide?
A.  See: 'Rules' under the General Information section.

Q. Can I enter if I am submitting my full research proposal soon?
A. Applicants need to have reached confirmed enrolment by the day of their heat.

Q. What can I spend the money on?  Can I take it with me when I leave, if I don't use it all during my enrolment?
A. The winner can only use the prize money towards their research while enrolled at the University of Waikato. This includes University fees, attendance at conferences, and any other research activities. Any money remaining after completion of your degree is not transferable.

Q. Can I change the day of my heat?
A. If you cannot make the date you have been assigned for your heat, an alternative date may be available, but we cannot guarantee this. Please be advised that we will only consider an alternative date for your heat in exceptional circumstances.

Q. What happens if my presentation goes over the allocated three minutes?
A. You will be disqualified.

Q. If I was a 3MT contestant last year, can I enter again this year?
A. The overall winners and runners-up from previous competitions will not be permitted to compete again this year. All other contestants are eligible to enter.

Q. Are the judges the same all the way through the competition?
A. The heat judges are the same for every heat, new judges are introduced for the final.