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Education forum posts from second year student

Theme: Social Networking, second-year student #1, Post 1 of 5

Discussion task: To begin… Let's talk about Social Networking! What does this concept mean to you? (No doubt you are familiar with Facebook.) What other social networking sites are available? What do they offer and how do they differ from each other?
Instructions: In this discussion, let's explore and review a range of social networking sites; consider the educational applications and potential of these. What implications do you see for teachers and learners?
These are forum discussion posts from a second year course. This set contains excerpt 1 and excerpt 4 (of a total of 5 postings) from the same student. This page shows excerpt 1 (it is a bit longer so it has two parts—use the links underneath the excerpts to see both parts). The next page has excerpt 4.

The criteria for assessing this discussion is the same as that of the first year entries (Check the criteria). We have positive comments to make about the quality of all these students' postings. 1) Both of these students engaged with the discussion early on in the discussion and did not rely on others to carry the burden of the discussion for them. 2) They then remained active in the discussion and engaged with the postings of other students, but they were careful not to dominate. 3) They made reference to literature to provide a connection between personal experience (or personal reflection) and theory or other discourse in the field.
What to do:
  • First, use the buttons on the right to guide you through the lesson. Read the excerpts and look at the notes provided.
  • Finally, feel welcome to contact Student Learning either personally, or via the Moodle writing forum to discuss your writing (University of Waikato students only).
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