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Student Learning: Grammar

Common vocabulary mistakes

Bought or brought

'Bought' and 'brought' sound similar in spoken English, and so often get confused in written English. To add to the confusion, they are both past simple/ past participle forms of the respective verbs they come from. However, they are quite different in meaning.

  1. 2.1 Bought:

    Bought comes from the verb buy.

Russia bought New Zealand dairy products by exchanging them for Russian-made motor vehicles.

I had already bought the takeaways when I was told there would be no-one home for dinner.

Note: Idiom that we use with 'buy'. We can:...
˜ 'buy (more) time'
˜ 'buy back (our) freedom'.

  1. 2.2 Brought:

    Brought is the past form of the verb bring.

They haven't brought their lunch, but it's ok because we've got plenty to share.

Each participant brought a unique skill that was needed by the group.

Hint: brought has an 'r' in it, same as bring, the verb it comes from.