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Student Learning: Grammar

Common vocabulary mistakes

Passed vs Past

The frequent confusion between passed and past is understandable; they sound alike ... and they have similar meanings.

  1. 8.1 Passed - a verb in the past tense.

    Passed is the past participle of this verb. - which means to proceed or move forward (or to succeed at something).

This year has passed so quickly!

Ronaldo passed the ball well during today's match.

All the Waikato students passed their exams.

  1. 8.2 Past:

    The word past locates something in time, and sometimes in space. It can be used as a noun, an adjective, a preposition or as an adverb.

Past as a noun - time that has gone by, before the present.

In order to move forward, we cannot continue to live in the past.

The past is something we cannot always forget.

Past as an adjective - time that is elapsed, done with.

Don't hold grudges for past actions.

All past misdemeanours will be forgiven.

Past as a preposition - beyond in place, or beyond in time.

My house is just past that tree up ahead.

I'll meet you there at half past one.

Past as an adverb - so as to pass or go by.

I thought that the bus would stop, but the driver just drove straight past.

I was awe-struck when the fighter jets flew past.