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*Asterisk = examples of errors or poor constructions*.

Student Learning: Grammar

Sentence subjects - Lesson two

  1. 2.1 Me, myself, and I:

    Me belongs to another group of words we will call object pronouns, and is always on the receiving end (i.e. is the object) of what is being done in the sentence. Some other object pronouns are me, her, him, them, and us. This group can never be the subject of the sentence, can never be the person or thing doing what is done in the sentence. Little tip: To help you see if you've used them correctly, swap me and I in your sentence:

She hit me with the ball.

*Me eat muesli every morning.* (Note: Asterisks signal sentences with errors.)

*Me will just stay in bed.*

*She hit I with the ball.*

  1. 2.2 Multiple subjects:

    The same is true when there are multiple people doing things, and this is where confusion starts. To test if it is good academic English remove the other subject from the sentence to see if you have the correct pronoun.

*Me  and my flatmates  eat muesli every morning.*

*The cat and me will just stay in bed.*

*My husband and me wish you a prosperous New Year.*

Note: All three of the above examples are considered acceptable in every day spoken English where the rules are not so important. However, they are not acceptable in academic and other written English. Remember also, you and it belong to both the subject and object pronoun groups. (We left them out of the examples above to make the lesson easier to understand, and because these two don't seem to be a problem for students.)