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Student Learning information technology

This resource is a collection of YouTube videos and other resources to help you with the technology and computer tools you may need.

Technology themes

Use the gray tabs below to see the collection of YouTube videos and other resources.

Microsoft Word 2010 collection

Indents and tabs - Using the ruler for indenting paragraphs, and creating tabs.

Setting margins - Ruler techniques and how to use the margin settings on the ribbon.

Complex page layouts - Mirrored pages, section breaks and other layout features.

Different first page headers - with a twist - different first page, different odd and even pages.

Page formatting - Page numbering, page breaks, and page sections

Cover pages - how to inserting a cover page into your document (30 second video).

Automatic table of contents - Useful for longer documents and research reports.

Google applications

Hanging indent in Google Drive - How to prepare a hanging indent for your reference list.

Google Drive Quick reference - Instructions on the basic functions of Google drive.

How to use Google+ Hangouts - A beginner's guide.

Animated videos

Making movies with KerPoof - Introductory video on making movies. Designed for children to use.

GoAnimate tutorial videos - A series of tutorials on making animated movies. A good place to start.

Making movies

iMovie in under five minutes - Quick overview of the basic iMovie features

Audio Podcasts

PowerPoint collection

Starting a presentation - Opening PowerPoint, adding slides, transitions and animations, and saving.

Editing the background - You can choose colours, gradients, textures, or images for your background.

Using the slide master - Designing master slides that are available when you build your presentation.

Slide design - Adding in your personalised style on the master slide.

Inserting hyperlinks into your presentation - If you want to use a link to open a webpage from you presentation.

Inserting YouTube videos into PowerPoint - To play when you make your presentation (with internet connection).

Transitions between slides - Adding interest with the range of slide transition styles.

Animations for images - Interactivity with your images (which can also apply to your text).

Prezi collection

Getting started with Prezi - (First set up your account)... and become familiar with the most common features.

Transferring presentations to Prezi - Importing slides from other presentation software.

3 steps to a great Prezi - Principles of design using Prezi

Fade-in Animation - Adding visual interest with the fade in feature.

Navigation - Orienting yourself with the frames on your canvas.

MS Publisher collection

Getting started with MSPublisher 2010 - finding templates, inserting images and printing.

Quick tour of Publisher 2013 - Same functionality, but new look.

Creating large posters - How to make extra large sizes for conference posters.

Working with text - format and fit your text around your publication and images.

Hanging indent in Google Drive - How to prepare a hanging indent for your reference list.

Google Drive Quick reference - Instructions on the basic functions of Goodle drive.

Excel videos

Excel for beginners - from navigating the ribbon to starting and saving a spreadsheet.

Another beginner tutorial - featuring the autofill function and resizing columns.

Working with columns and rows - inserting columns and rows into an existing spreadsheet that already has data.

Sum function - adding the totals for columns or rows.

Minimum, Maximum and Average - calling functions for the data in a range of cells.

Graphs and charts - presenting a visual representation of your dataset.

t-Tests - calculations that present statistical probabilities against your sets of conditions.

Pivot tables - Functionality that simplifies complex data to allow you to manipulate it for different purposes.

Google Drive spreadsheets

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