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What is common knowledge

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Task: For one developing nation, outline and assess the national development strategies employed since 1947. (From a 300 level geography paper, 2000 - 2500 words.)

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Central Intelligence Agency (2013)  | 

Turkey is located between two continents, South Western Asia and South Eastern Europe. Turkey has a republican parliamentary democracy, and 99.8 percent of the population is Sunni Muslim. Turkey joined the United Nations in 1945, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in 1952 (Central Intelligence Agency, N.d). Apart from a few Latin American Governments, Turkey has had one of the longest running Governments of all developing countries. The World Bank defines Turkey as a developing country due to its low gross national income per capita. This essay will discuss Turkey as a developing nation in terms of the national development strategies that have been implemented since 1947. The strategies will be outlined and then a discussion will assess the success of these strategies. Turkey has had a large number of development strategies implemented since 1947, it is for this reason that I will focus on the primarily on two particular strategies. Firstly, the various strategies implemented by the International Monetary Fund (IMF); and, secondly, the Import Substitution Industrialization Strategy that was implemented by the Turkish Government in the 1960s. Turkey has also now moved on to assisting other countries in the form of the Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency. This is an important point to acknowledge due to Turkey moving from receiving development assistance to providing it.