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How Do I Enrol?

All you need to do is Apply Online or complete an Application to Enrol Form and return it to us with copies of your secondary school and tertiary study records.

Most students apply to enrol by mail or on the web, or you can call into the Student Information Centre to enrol in person. The Student Information Centre is also where:

  • You can pay your fees
  • Student IDs are issued
  • You can attend to other matters related to your enrolment.

The Student Information Centre has contact people for students with disabilities. The Disability Support Staff are also available to assist students with disabilities through the enrolment process.

If you are not a New Zealand Citizen, Australian Citizen, or a permanent resident of New Zealand or Australia, you will apply to enrol using the process for international students.

Should I enrol full- or part-time?

Whilst most students choose to study full-time in order to finish their degrees as speedily as possible, some students find part-time study necessary to work around other life-factors. Students may choose part-time study because of a range of factors, such as a need to balance work or family commitments, or because of a disability. The main advantage of studying part-time is that you are able to devote more time to each paper, which may result in better grades. This is particularly important for students who have fatigue, mental health issues and specific learning disabilities, as well as students who are parents or caregivers.

When deciding which option is best for you, it pays to look carefully at what the papers you have chosen will demand of you. How many hours of lectures, tutorials, laboratories and field trips are required? How much reading and study will you need to commit to each paper outside of class time? What other commitments do you have? How will it affect you financially?

If you enrol full-time but find that you cannot manage the workload, you can reduce your study to part-time by withdrawing from papers. Remember though, there are early deadlines for making these changes if you are seeking a fee refund.

Limited full-time study

If you’re not able to study full-time you may still be able to get financial help (Student Allowance and/or Student Loan) under limited full-time status. To qualify you need to meet one of these criteria:

  • You have an illness, a disability or some other reason beyond your
    control which stops you studying full-time.
  • You have been advised by your education provider to study less
    than full-time.
  • You’re finishing a recognised programme and to do this you’re
    studying less than full-time but your course is more than half of a
    full-time course.

Application forms for Limited Full-time status can be collected from the Disability Support Service staff, the Study Link Office on campus, or downloaded from their website:


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