Adult Learning

The Adult Learning programmes equip graduates with the knowledge to work alongside adults in New Zealand tertiary institutions (adult and community education agencies, polytechnics, private training establishments, wananga and universities).

Adult Learning was previously known as Adult Education and Training.

The Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training programme is designed for graduates from any subject who are interested in fostering learning among adults. It aims to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of learning and teaching structures, processes and practises in this area.

Initial enquiries should be made to the Postgraduate Studies Office, Faculty of Education.

Prescriptions for the GradDip(AdEdT)

To complete a Graduate Diploma in Adult Education and Training, students must complete 120 points, including both PCSS231, PCSS330, at least 20 points from HDCO201, ALED240, HDCO210, SSRP202 and a further 60 points from HDCO302, LBST331, PCSS301, PCSS302, SOCW305 or other approved papers at 300 level or above.

100 Level

ALED140 – Working with Diverse Adult Learners in Literacy and Numeracy

200 Level

ALED240 – Teaching Literacy to Adults
HDCO201 – 17A (NET) – Adult Development and Ageing
HDCO210 – 17B (HAM) – The Teaching-Learning Process: Innovative Approaches
PCSS231 – 17A (HAM) – Planning Learning Opportunities for Adults
SSRP202 – 17A (NET), 17B (NET) & 17S (NET) – The Practice of Social Science Research

300 Level

HDCO302 – Ageing in an Ageing Society
LBST331 – 17A (HAM) & 17A (NET) – Workers' Education and Training
PCSS302 – 17A (HAM) – Maori Knowledge and Western Impacts in Education
PCSS330 – 17B (HAM) – Adults Learning for Life
SOCW305 – 17A (TGA) – Community Development
SPLS311 – 17A (HAM) – Healthy Communities, Healthy Lifestyles

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