English as a Second Language

If your first language is not English, these papers will help you improve the skills you need for university study.

Many University of Waikato international students take English as a Second Language (ESLA) papers in order to pursue careers or educational programmes requiring academic English language skills. ESLA papers are also taken by New Zealand permanent residents who want to establish themselves economically and socially in their new home country.

ESLA papers will provide you with instruction and practice in advanced academic language and communication skills, written, oral and aural. All papers are supported by the University's online learning management system Moodle, which enables the publishing of work and teaching of critical thought and analysis, as applied to studying in a university context.


Study English as a Second Language in any of these qualifications

100 level

Academic Writing and ResearchESLA10115.0 Points
Academic Oral PresentationESLA10215.0 Points

200 level

Academic Written DiscourseESLA20020.0 Points
Academic Aural StrategiesESLA20120.0 Points
Academic Oral DiscourseESLA20220.0 Points
Work PlacementFASS29620.0 Points

300 level

English as a Second Language is available as a supporting subject for the BA or BSocSc. English as a Second Language may also be taken as a supporting subject within other undergraduate degrees, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled.  English as a Second Language papers can be taken individually towards other degrees only by students for whom English is an additional language (EAL). In each of the following paper descriptions, the acronym EAL describes such students.

To complete a supporting subject in English as a Second Language, students must gain 70 points, including at least 40 points above 100 level.


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