Language and Literacy Education

Language and Literacy Education encompasses the teaching and learning of literacy, reading and writing, literature, and language and languages in the compulsory sector. It also includes contexts beyond schooling such as academic literacy and writing in tertiary contexts, and literacy for adults in the community and in workplaces.

Specialist areas include but are not restricted to: Critical literacy, Dyslexia, Bilingualism, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching Languages other than English.

Papers are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We encourage students to plan a pathway both within and between undergraduate and postgraduate papers, and to bridge into research at a higher level by doing a Directed Study (ALED590).

Initial enquiries should be made to the Postgraduate Studies Office, Faculty of Education.

Note: The following 100-300 level papers are available to all University of Waikato students except where the subject code is TEAL in which case papers are only available to students enrolled in a Faculty of Education teacher education programme.

100 Level

200 Level

300 Level

DyslexiaALED32420.0 Points
The Teacher as WriterALED32520.0 Points
Directed StudyALED39020.0 Points

Prescriptions for the PGDip(LangLitEd)

To complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Language and Literacy Education, students must take 120 points at 500 level, including at least three of ALED501, ALED502, ALED503, ALED504, ALED507, ALED508, ALED509, ALED520, ALED521, ALED522, ALED523, ALED524 and ALED525; and one other approved paper.

Literacy Education: Approaches and PerspectivesALED50130.0 Points
Critical Literacy in CurriculumALED50230.0 Points
Reading DifficultiesALED50430.0 Points
Second Language Learners and Learning in Mainstream ClassroomsALED50730.0 Points
Literacy and Technology: Implications for EducationALED50930.0 Points
Best Practice in the Writing ClassroomALED52230.0 Points
Using Literature in the Primary and Secondary ClassroomALED52330.0 Points
Directed StudyALED59030.0 Points
DissertationALED59260.0 Points
Research MethodsDSOE55730.0 Points
Kaupapa Maori ResearchPCSS50230.0 Points
Directed StudyTHED59030.0 Points
DissertationTHED59260.0 Points
ThesisTHED59390.0 Points
ThesisTHED594120.0 Points


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