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Pacific Studies

Pacific Studies is an interdisciplinary programme which enables you to study a variety of topics relating to contemporary communities in the Pacific Islands.

Topics studied within Pacific Studies include political life, social and economic behaviour, the impact of colonisation, foreign aid, tourism and migration as well as ecological issues.

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Key information

Study Locations: Hamilton; Tauranga

300 level

Code Paper Title Occurrence / Location
ANTH300Culture and Power in the Pacific18B (Hamilton)
This paper examines the cultural logics of different systems of political action, leadership and ideology in Pacific Island societies.
ANTH308Melanesian Ethnography18A (Hamilton)
An overview of the ethnographic work undertaken in Melanesia from the colonial era through to the contemporary. The course covers the central importance of Melanesia to the discipline of anthropology, the vast array of cultural worlds that exist within the area, as well as the approaches and attitudes of particular anthropologists ...
ANTH390Directed Study18A (Hamilton), 18B (Hamilton), 18S (Hamilton) & 18Y (Hamilton)
Open to selected students who, with the approval of the Programme Convenor, undertake an individual programme of study on an anthropological topic, as agreed in discussion between the student and proposed supervisor.
MPDV300Contemporary and Critical Issues in Maori, Pacific and Indigenous Development18A (Hamilton)
A critical engagement of contemporary phenomenon such as ideologies, the market and indigenous development discourses and the transformations this brings to communities.

Chris Roberts Fresh out of Whakatane High School, Chris came to the University of Waikato a couple of weeks after his 17th birthday to study political science and history – "quite simply, the subjects I enjoyed the most", he says.

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Subject Requirements

Pacific Studies is available as a supporting subject for the BA or BSocSc. Pacific Studies may also be taken as a supporting subject within other undergraduate degrees, subject to academic approval of the Faculty or School of Studies in which the student is enrolled.



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