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Supply Chain Management

From production line to store shelf, a practical understanding of how to efficiently manage the resources of an organisation is invaluable. Supply Chain Management is an important field.

From being buried in the earth to the hot chips on your plate, there’s quite a journey for your average potato. That passage from the ground to the factory, distributor, wholesaler, retailer and customer is known as the supply chain. The more efficient the supply chain, the better for business.

Companies prosper by using supply chain management to make their operations more efficient, and therefore more profitable and sustainable. You will learn about integrating a company’s internal departments, such as marketing, manufacturing and procurement, as well as going outside the company boundaries to create a smooth chain from raw-goods suppliers, right through production and distribution to retailers and customers.


Supply Chain Management can also be taken as a second major or supporting subject within most degrees.

School subjects required

There are no specific subjects you need to study at secondary school to study Supply Chain Management at Waikato.

Other subjects that may interest you

Computer Science, Electronic Business, Engineering, Marketing.

Career Opportunities

  • B2B Electronic Commerce Co-ordinator
  • Logistics Architect  
  • Operations Manager  
  • Purchasing Agent  
  • Systems Developer

Potential Employers

  • Government Departments
  • International Consultancy Practices
  • Large Corporates
  • Manufacturing or Service Organisations
  • Various Medium Size Domestic Companies


If you are interested in Supply Chain Management you will study a combination of management and people-related papers in your first year, before going on to specialised study.

200 Level and Beyond
200, 300 and 400 level papers include smart technologies and online social media, electronic commerce overview, supply chain integration, e-business implementation, business analysis and consultancy, project management, operations management, and managerial decision-making.


Daniel Stevenson, Bachelor of Management Studies (Honours)


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