Eli Muller

Eli Muller

Master of Science (Mathematics, Physics)

Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Physics was Eli's favourite subject all through high school so he didn't find choosing his degree particularly difficult.

"I've always liked the generality involved with it," he says. "You could describe anything, explain an outcome, or even predict an event using fundamental principles. It relies on being able to view the universe and everything in it with a sense of detachment. You always feel like you're on the edge learning some secret or seeing some idea that no-one has before."

In terms of careers, Eli hasn't ever had anything particular in mind saying he'd be happy doing research, although he would also jump at the opportunity to work within a team of scientists dealing with practical applications.

Eli particularly enjoys the labs, where he's able to experiment with MRI scanners and EEGs and measure things like the speed of light.

"Waikato has plenty of extra-curricular activities available as well. I've played football and surfed at Raglan quite a bit. There's always something going on if you're looking for things to do."

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