Elizabeth Geddes

Elizabeth Geddes

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Chemical and Biological Engineering)

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Elizabeth Geddes made her mark on campus, as president of the University of Waikato's Young Engineers Society.

"I chose to study engineering at Waikato because I was able to combine the biological and chemical disciplines of engineering, as well as maths and physics, into one exciting degree."

The former Whangarei Girls' High School student was also chair of the Student Engineers New Zealand student council, showing just how passionate she is about the industry and leadership.

While studying Chemical & Biological Engineering, Elizabeth also enjoyed the work placement component of the degree and describes it as a highlight of her studies.

"Work experience meant I could apply all the theoretical knowledge I had learnt at uni, to exciting real-life engineering situations and has given me a clearer idea of what I want from my career as a professional engineer."


President of the University of Waikato's Young Engineers Society

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