Rogena Sterling

Rogena Sterling

Doctor of Philosophy (Law)

Te Piringa - Faculty of Law

I completed a BA degree in 1995 in Linguistics with a sub-major in Earth Science, and began teaching English as a Second Language. I worked in South Korea and New Zealand. Later, I set up and managed my own successful English language school in New Zealand. After selling my school, and some changes in my personal circumstances, it was time to start a new challenge. I decided to study law. Initially, I planned to get my LLB and go to practice immediately afterward. It was during my LLB that I began coming to terms with my identity as an intersexed person.

I am currently beginning studying towards a PhD in Law, having just finished my LLB and LLM. Having adjusted and accepted my personal circumstances and identity as an intersexed person, I felt a duty to take the opportunity to pursue the development of Transgender and Intersex rights to exist and to flourish in ‘legal space’.

Dedication to this pursuit started near the end of my LLB, when there were more opportunities to focus my studies on areas of particular interest and I began serious explorations of intersex issues in law. I extended those legal explorations while gaining my LLM. Throughout my LLM, I felt the inspiration and, in a sense, a duty grow, to continue working in the area, and will use my PhD to provide a foundation for better development of Intersexed Rights. The study requires investigation of how gender and sex has between intertwined within society and how to untwine those concepts, in order to create a space for the intersexed identity to have a place and full participation in society.

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