Scott Alonzo

Scott Alonzo

Bachelor of Computer Graphic Design (Computer Graphic Design)

Faculty of Computing and Mathematical Sciences

Designer/Frontend Developer, Infinity

Scott Alonzo walked out of University straight into a job at Infinity - thanks to a referral from his lecturer.

Scott is a Designer and Frontend Developer working mostly on websites. "I'm responsible for designing user experiences, layouts, and graphics and I build websites in HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript."

The former Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar is working with young, talented, like-minded people at Infinity and says he's learning fast and having fun.

"My advice to prospective students? Go to University and expect to gain a desire to learn; don't expect to have all the knowledge just given to you."

He says his degree has given him a lot of scope to work in a number of design areas and once he has more experience, he plans to take his skills overseas to work.

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