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Call for papers: Teachers and Curriculum Journal

Completed papers must be received by 30 June 2012 for inclusion in the 2012 volume.
After two years in abeyance, a 2011 volume of Teachers and Curriculum Journal is now being planned and authors are invited to submit articles for review.

Posted 29 Mar 2012 11:10am

Fairy tale retellings: Developing intercultural competence through translation

12 March 2012 4 – 5.30pm
Dr. Maria González Davies, Head of the Modern Languages Department of the Faculty of Education at the University Ramon Llull in Barcelona, Spain will present a selection of some of the most relevant outcomes of a pilot project which revolved around research related to Cinderella from both verbal and visual perspectives.

Posted 07 Mar 2012 2:53pm

WMIER Research Series: Small is beautiful

21-23 February 2012 10-10.30am
This three-day WMIER research series which will explore the value of small-scale research projects as one way of pursuing a personal research programme.

Posted 15 Feb 2012 8:47am

Progress and meaning in extreme sport activities

20 January 2012 3-5pm
The Sport & Leisure Studies Research Network invites you to attend a presentation by visiting scholar Dr. Christopher Cutri, Associate Professor, Brigham Young University.

Posted 17 Jan 2012 1:34pm

HiPSTer Symposium

13-14 December 2011
The new research network was launched with a symposium at the Faculty of Education.

Posted 16 Jan 2012 1:13pm

Waikato Journal of Education Special Issue: A teacher education partnership: The Solomon Islands and New Zealand

13 December 2011
A new special issue of the WJE is now available. This WJE issue brings together perspectives about the New Zealand Aid Programme-funded Partnership between the University of Waikato’s Faculty of Education and the Solomon Islands’ School of Education to develop its capability in preparing teachers.

Posted 13 Dec 2011 2:38pm

Moths, candles and criteria: Examining creative practice research in higher degrees

8 December 2011 11am-2pm
Guest presenters Associate Professor Ralph Buck and Dr Nicholas Rowe join Dr Karen Barbour at this meeting of the Creative Forum, an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of research, pedagogy and creative practice.

Posted 01 Dec 2011 8:45am

New and emerging possibilities for educators: Technology for learning, teaching and research

5 December 2011 1-3.20pm
This seminar, hosted by the elearning Brown Bag Lunch series in association with WMIER will feature guest speakers Agnes Kukulska-Hulme (Institute of Educational Technology at the Open University, U.K) and Steve Wheeler (Plymouth University, U.K).

Posted 30 Nov 2011 2:57pm

An afternoon with Jean McNiff

24 November 2011 1-4pm
NZCARN invites you to a video-linked seminar featuring Jean McNiff. Jean’s focus will be Researching our practice: Transparency, accountability and transformation.

Posted 10 Nov 2011 9:23am

Bourdieu Hui

15 November 2011
WMIER recently sponsored the hui that was instigated by the recognition of a recent growing interest in Bourdieu's work. The intention was to enhance our understandings of Bourdieu's conceptual work, share methodological or theoretical dilemmas and breakthroughs in our work where reflexivity and practice is central and create a community of scholars who can take his work to new places.

Posted 05 Nov 2011 3:42pm

WMIER Research Series: Scoping a research project: From ideas to action

14-15 November 2011 10-10.30am
This WMIER research series will offer some suggestions for ways to scope a research project and information on the support that is available.

Posted 03 Nov 2011 3:08pm

WMIER Research Series: Dealing with data: analysis & dissemination

3-5 October 2011 10-10.30am
In this WMIER research series presenters will share their experiences of using tools for analysing and presenting data.

Posted 01 Oct 2011 3:16pm

WMIER Research Series: Thinking about the long term

26-28 September 2011 3-3.30pm
WMIER research series presenters will discuss their ideas and experiences of developing an academic career over the long term.

Posted 01 Sep 2011 2:56pm

Visual Research Seminar Series: ‘Thinking about’ research using visual methods

23 August 2011, 11am-12pm
This is part of a series of seminars following on from the Conversation About Visual Research colloquium held in February.

Posted 08 Aug 2011 3:48pm

WMIER Research Series: Cirque de Statistics 2

15-17 August 2011
This series will look at which statistical analysis tools you can use in your research.

Posted 01 Aug 2011 2:38pm

Strategic thinking for early childhood education: 2011 and beyond

27 July 2011
This seminar provided a rare opportunity to hear from Professor Iram Siraj-Blatchford (University of London) about lessons for policy makers from the large scale longitudinal Effective Pre-school, Primary and Secondary Education study in the UK.

Posted 03 Jul 2011 2:31pm

WMIER Research Series: Small is beautiful

25-27 July 2011 10-10.30am
This WMIER research series will explore the value of small-scale research projects as one way of pursuing a personal research programme.

Posted 02 Jul 2011 2:23pm

Social Theory, Education and Embodiment: A conversation with Professor John Evans

13 July 2011 1-2.30pm
Guest speaker John Evans (Loughborough University) will present a paper introducing a special issue of Sport Education and Society demonstrating the need for transdisciplinary study of body pedagogies focussed on embodiment, emplacement, enactment and subjectivity

Posted 01 Jul 2011 2:14pm

Visual Research Seminar Series: Digital Story-telling

5 July 2011 11am-12pm
This is part of a series of seminars following on from the Conversation About Visual Research colloquium held in February.Elaine Bliss will provide an over-view of the process of digital story-telling.

Posted 29 Jun 2011 1:36pm

NZ CARN symposium on ethical issues in action research

1 July 2011
The Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research hosts the network’s first national NZ CARN activity of the year: a one-day symposium featuring Susan Groundwater-Smith and John O'Neill.

Posted 28 Jun 2011 9:19am

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