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Map Legend
Vehicular Access
Operation Mobility Carpark
Pedestrian Access
Emergency Telephone
Entrance Gate
Campus Constable
Select Search for a Building to type in the block letters, building names or keywords. Click the Go button to begin the search. If only one result is returned, it will be marked and centered on the map. If more than one is returned, a list of matching buildings will appear. Click on the building you want to have it marked and centered on the map.
You can pan the map by clicking and dragging it. You can also use the North, South, East and West buttons in the top left corner of the map.
There are four zoom levels of the map. You can zoom in and out by using the In and Out respectively. You can also double-click to zoom in on that location, or use your mouse wheel if you have one.
About Room Numbers
Rooms at Waikato University are referenced by block letter, floor number and then room number.
For example, S.1.17 means:
S = S block
1 = Floor 1
17 = Room number 17.
Linking to the Building
You can link directly to a marked building in emails and documents by using the Link to this Building. Search for the building you want to show in your correspondence, right click on the link and select Copy Shortcut. The address to the currently shown map can then be pasted into any of your documents.

Map graphics last updated in 2016 using graphics provided by Max Oulton.

Information on parking and transport options is available from the Getting to Campus page.


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