Media Advisory July 6

University of Waikato launches new partnership with Tokoroa and Putaruru 

The University of Waikato has launched a new initiative in partnership with the secondary schools and communities of Tokoroa and Putaruru. Te Ara ki Angitū: Pathways to Excellence is a new programme designed to widen the pathway to university study by alleviating the barriers of affordability and transport, and installing quality support to guide students through the transition to university. The initiative will include heavily subsidised bus transport between the University of Waikato and Tokoroa and Putaruru, fees scholarships, university learning hubs in the high schools, and the provision of student learning devices. The first student cohort of Te Ara ki Angitū: Pathways to Excellence will start university study in A Semester of 2016. To mark the initiative and sign the Memorandum of Understanding, a 30 June launch brought together the university community, the principals of the Tokoroa and Putaruru high schools and representatives from the communities and local business. Watch the launch video here

Free public lectures on light

As part of the New Zealand Institute of Physics conference being held at the University of Waikato concluding today, Monday, there is a free lecture tonight aimed at the general public, teachers, parents and high school students. The lecture, by Professor Hans Bachor from Australian National University - Lasers are part of your life - is at the Gallagher Academy for Performing Arts Concert Chamber from 7.30pm-9pm. This talk traces the history of the laser and some of the scientists and engineers who made it possible. It shows some of the obvious and hidden uses of lasers and gives a hint how lasers are shaping the modern world.

Become a young entrepreneur for a day

Secondary school students in years 11-13 are invited to step into the shoes of a young entrepreneur for a day, at an inspiring event hosted by the University of Waikato's Management School on Friday, July 10. 'Entrepreneur for a day' will give school students a taste of what it feels like to study for a management degree at university. Guided by the advice of Waikato lecturers and mentors every step of the way, students will work in small groups to design a new product/service for target customers that has the potential to be successful in the marketplace, and then develop a basic business plan. Prizes will be awarded to the group that comes up with the best idea. The event runs from 8.45am to 4.30pm. Places are limited to the first 25 who register their details online at

Science and Engineering Open Days to offer insights into tertiary study

This week more than 200 secondary school students from throughout the North Island will have the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a science or engineering student at the University of Waikato. The University's Faculty of Science & Engineering is geared up to host the annual Science Open Day (Wednesday, July 8) and Engineering Open Day (Thursday, July 9). Both events offer Year 11-13 students and adult learners the chance to spend the day on campus, attending hands-on workshops. Science Open Day will cover the subjects of physics, chemistry, computer sciences, Earth sciences and biological sciences. Engineering Open Day will cover the programmes of chemical and biological, mechanical, software, materials and process and electronic engineering. A full programme for each event is available on request.

Cyber law specialist new Dean of Law

The University of Waikato has appointed a new Dean of Law. He is Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles who studied law at Waikato and has worked in the Faculty of Law for 15 years. He's a specialist in cyber law and teaches on New Zealand's only Masters of Cyber Security at Waikato. Associate Professor Rumbles plans to increase the number of cyber-related papers taught in the faculty and would like Waikato to become the law school of choice for Pacific students, as it is for Māori. He also has more local school-leavers in his sights. Associate Professor Rumbles would like to see the faculty engage more with the profession, increase the number of internships and work placements for students and develop alternative dispute resolution papers, because the legal system is processing more disputes outside traditional courts.

The Energy Revolution

Tauranga's Café Scientifique is hosting the University of Otago's Keith Gordon and Massey University's Luke Liu on July 20 where the future of energy use in New Zealand will be discussed. The age of fossil fuels is coming to an end but when will tomorrow begin? Will there be a long transition period while we learn to harness the sun's energy efficiently? Is there even enough sunlight striking the Earth to supply the increasing energy demands of 6-9 billion humans? Café Scientifique is on Monday, July 20. Doors are open from 6.30pm for a 7pm start at the Tauranga Yacht and Power Boat Club, 90 Keith Allen Drive, Sulphur Point, Tauranga. Entry is $5 and refreshments are provided.
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Emotional state and market trader behaviour

What effect does the emotional state of traders have on their buying or selling behaviour, and the volatility of market asset prices? The University of Waikato's Department of Economics will host a free public seminar by guest speaker Dr Adriana Breaban (Tilburg University, Netherlands) on Friday, July 17 at 1pm, when she will discuss her experimental research tracking traders' emotions in real time - while the market is operating - using facial expression reading technology. Her research found that when traders are in a positive emotional state, this predicts purchases and higher prices, whereas a state of fear leads to loss aversion, selling and lower prices. Those who remain emotionally neutral during a crash can earn greater profits. The seminar, 'Emotional state and market behaviour' will be held at Waikato Management School in room MSB0.01.

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