Media Advisory 22 May 2017

Health Research Council funding for NZ transgender health survey
University of Waikato psychology lecturer Dr Jaimie Veale has been awarded Health Research Council funding of $238,000 to carry out a transgender health survey to uncover the extent transgender people experience stigma, discrimination, violence, and barriers to accessing healthcare in New Zealand. She’ll then report how these experiences are related to health outcomes. Dr Veale says overseas research has uncovered notable health inequalities faced by transgender people, but little research has been conducted in the New Zealand context to date. Her project will also explore the extent to which affirming healthcare and social support – including family/whānau, transgender community, and wider community support – buffers the negative impacts of stigma and related experiences. The project will include a transgender community advisory group and work closely with health professionals who work with transgender people in New Zealand.
Contact: Dr Jaimie Veale, 07 837 9216, or

University hosts environmental film evening
As part of a larger commitment to waste reduction, the University of Waikato’s Eco Emporium will be running events to promote tangible, positive solutions for environmental issues. A film and discussion evening called, “Wai, Waste and What you can do” is being held tomorrow on the Hamilton campus. This will include a talk by Merren Tait (, who will talk about her year without plastic. Following this, the documentary A Plastic Ocean, will be screened, and a panel of waste experts will answer questions. This documentary was filmed by a team of international adventurers and researchers in 20 locations to document the global effects of plastic pollution and offer potential solutions to address the associated problems of plastic. The event is free and open to the public tomorrow, Tuesday 23 May from 6.30pm-9pm on the Hamilton campus in S Block (S.G.01).
Contact: Valerie Bianchi, 021 069 6434, or

New trail brings maths to life
A new trail designed to help people appreciate maths in their daily lives will be launched on the University of Waikato’s Hamilton campus this Friday. The launch celebrates New Zealand's first Maths Eyes trail, an initiative of the Waikato Literacy and Numeracy Network, funded by the Lottery Grants Board and supported by the Faculty of Education’s National Centre of Literacy and Numeracy for Adults. The trail is 1.6km long, free to use, follows existing pathways on the campus and is accessible to all. Along the trail, 16 signs in English and Te Reo Māori will display activities across different levels of ability and will point out features in the landscape, encourage trail walkers to notice and think about the mathematics in their environment and work out real-life maths problems. The trail experience will be enhanced by connecting to the Maths Eyes Chat Bot, through the Facebook Messenger app. The interactive Bot acts as a buddy along the trail, answering questions and providing hints. For more information on the Maths Eyes concept, visit haveyougotmathseyes.comThe launch is at the University of Waikato carpark at gate 2B, off Knighton Road, at 11am on Friday 26 May. All are welcome.
Contact: Damon Whitten, 07 838 4466 ext 6676, or

Marketing trade show 
Modern time-saving gadgets that reduce physical labour and make our lives easier are always a hit with consumers. This Friday 26 May, about 300 marketing students from the University of Waikato will present their clever ideas for new time-saving devices in a simulated trade show environment. The Waikato Management School Marketing Trade Show is a practical assignment in which first-year students get to develop a real-world marketing strategy for a hypothetical product, and try to sell its unique benefits to a panel of judges. The trade show will be followed by a prize-giving, with prizes awarded for best overall product, best stand and best costumes. Family, friends and members of the public are welcome to come along. The trade show will be in the Level One foyer of the Management School Building (MSB), from 4.30pm to 7pm.
Contact: Dr Mark Kilgour, 07 837 9268, or or Ruth Taylor, 07 838 4263, or

It’s all in the stars
It’s nearly Matariki – and there’s a new book being launched to coincide with Māori New Year, celebrated with the pre-dawn rise of the star cluster Matariki, usually in early June.  The book Matariki: The Star of the Year is by University of Waikato Associate Professor Rangi Matamua who’s been studying Māori astronomy for 20 years. It will have its official launch on campus in the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on Wednesday 24 May at 6pm. The book covers traditional practices, traditional ceremonies and beliefs and whether Matariki has a purpose in a modern context. Matariki has been published in te reo Māori and English by Wellington-based Huia Publishers.
Contact: Associate Professor Rangi Matamua 07 837 9560, or

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