Media Advisory 7 June 2017

Afterlives of slavery and settler colonialism
The impacts of slavery and colonialism and different interpretations of property and property rights will be the subject of a public talk on Monday 12 June. Professor Cheryl Harris from University of California School of Law is coming to New Zealand as a guest of the faculties of Māori and Indigenous Studies and Law at the University of Waikato. Professor Harris has a background in civil rights and civil liberties research and has written extensively on the subject of land ownership, including ‘Whiteness as Property’ in the Harvard Law Review. She says while the law has ignored or refused to legitimise Black and Native American expectations of property, or affirmed them only temporarily, it’s an issue that cannot be resolved. The public talk starts at 5.30 in MSB.1.37. During the afternoon Professor Harris will join academics from the University of Waikato for a roundtable presentation called ‘It’s complicated: A relationship status update for Race, Indigenous Studies and Law’ that runs from 1.30pm-3pm in The Playhouse at the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts on campus.
Contact: Victoria Ihaka, 07 838 4747, or

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