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Sanitation stations and river boats

Another interesting week here in Cambodia!

I attended a Workshop/seminar looking at sanitation issues around the country, visited RWC's health centre and hospital campaign and then got out of the city for the weekend to relax in a small riverside town where I watched the boats go by!


The sanitation seminar was an overview of the current sanitation (toilet) situation in cambodia.  Basically only 16% of rural and 56% of urban inhabitants have access to a toilet! Open defication is a big problem  helping to spread disease throughout communities.  The solution? Cheap toilets? Education? Behaviour change?  All of the above was discussed but the answer is no easy one.  

Spending the day with several ministers who were evaluating the rain water harvesting systems and hand washing stations installed in village health centres was great.  Some of the plans the government has to build more health centres across the country are encouraging as these centres take a lot of the burden of educating the poor communities on water/sanitation isues and the associated health benefits.  The HC staff all had positive things to say regarding the benefits of the new water systems, meaning they now have a clean water source to use when delivering babies and for patients and staff to wash their hands before and after treatment where previously there was none!

Finally in the weekend i jumped on the bus with a couple of friends and headed to the town of Kampot which is on a salty, tidal river.  We stayed in some bungalows right on the river, swam and watched the boats go by! Very realxing and good to get out of the city air!

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