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Being Injured

injury1.jpeg Diagnosing the injury has been difficult as the pain started off directly behind the knee and now I feel it more on the inside of the left knee. After spending time with my sister Nicky, who happens to be a physiotherapist and my flat mate, I managed to get it diagnosed correctly. Nicky came to the conclusion that it was a strained hamstring and gave me the next plan of attack on recovery.

If there is one thing I'm not used to it's being injured. It's difficult to rest an injury that doesn't really 'hurt'. After a week of no running (apart from a few attempts), and lots of massaging, mobility work and ice, I was soon on my way to recovering. This week I finally found the time to have a proper remedial massage and looking back now I made a big error not having this after the Nerang 50k run.

Besides a non eventful past week, I had the opportunity to watch my sister race in the Pinnacles 18k Classic. A run which I had entered but decided it wasn't worth the risk of potential long-term injury. The Pinnacles consists of 18 hills over 18kms. Nicky ran an amazing race finishing 3rd in the ladies. Also my coach Caine Warburton and physiotherapist Dave Coomb,s finished in 2nd and 3rd overall. It's nice to know I have the right people looking after me.


Photos: My sister, Nicky, during the race (top). 

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