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Trouble Brewing

It's Sunday night and I have had a massive weekend. My legs are sore and I am physically exhausted. I had planned to do a 4hr run on Saturday morning and then back it up the next day with a 2-3hr run.

On the Saturday morning I knocked out the 22k loop in the forest. It was hot, dry and my nutrition wasn't on point. I got to the point where I was walking so much and feeling down that I decided I would leave it at that and attempt to complete a 4hr tomorrow morning.

I woke up at 5am it was still very dark outside. I thought that if I had a big bowl of rolled oats with berets and banana I would have long lasting energy for the whole run.

Turns out I ate too much. 1hr into it I had a sore stomach and felt very heavy on my feet. I struggled through the entire run finishing 40k in about 4hrs 20mins about 30mins off my 50k race pace a few months earlier.

Since my injury I haven't completed one long run that felt good at the same pace I ran the Nerang 50k. I was beginning to wonder how the hell I managed to finish the 50k in 4hrs 50mins.

This is my last week to get everything sorted equipment wise. It's difficult to know what I will need on the hike and run as the conditions are very unpredictable. I am planning on completing my last long run next Saturday hopefully up near the 50k mark.


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