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June 2013 Archives

As one commentator observed, "it is money that makes the world go round".

In this video, Professor Stuart Locke talks about the university's FINA 101 paper, Financial Literacy and Wealth Creation, for B Semester 2013, and the elements this paper will cover.

For more information about studying finance at the University of Waikato, please see

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Stuart_Locke.jpgThis blog is all about financial literacy and wealth creation. Waikato Management School's, Professor of Finance, Stuart Locke (pictured), will provide advice around the concepts of financial literacy and help readers to build a platform of understanding of contemporary financial issues. In particular the making of sound spending and investment decisions and managing risk exposures are covered.

We encourage readers to comment and raise questions. We hope you find this blog useful.

For more information about stuyding finance at the University of Waikato, please see

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