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Insurance is a means of hedging risk, which is a fancy way of saying we use insurance to manage our risk exposures for car, home, travel, health etc. We pay a premium (fee) for an insurance company to bear the risk. However, do we know what we are really buying?


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With freedom comes temptation to spend and it won't necessarily be a stairway to heaven.  Get advice early if troubles start to arise.


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Mention the need for a budget and people want to head the other direction. Unfortunately for many the other direction is a stairwell to financial disaster. We need to think about the basic issues, we need to be financially literate to live long and prosper. 


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Reading between the lines is an expression which suggests a need to: to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly and in financial literacy this is a very necessary skill.  Diana Clement: Be cautious with credit card travel insurance,  points to some really interesting pitfalls.  We might think that everything is covered but not so.

The need to understand legal wording is often beyond most of us; it is good to know that there are services like the Insurance Ombudsman to whom we can turn.


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Financial literacy is lacking for many of us and the causes, the potential remedies and the costs all require careful research.


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