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At the University of Waikato we pride ourselves on teaching and research, and academic staff are benchmarked against the best in the world. Each year many of our academics contribute to or write books on their areas of expertise; this page is designed to highlight their achievements. These books are an extension of the academic excellence on offer at Waikato.

Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy

By Michael A. Peters

Published by Springer Publications

Michael Peters and Jayne White introduce their thinking behind the development of the journal at the inaugural conference of the Association for Visual Pedagogies in Zagreb, June, 2016. They set the scene and pohilosophical parameters for a broad and forward-looking interpretation of visuality and the rise of visual studies by establishing an expanded route for the location of video Pedagogies in educational spaces. The video journal is introduced as a third generation form of scientific communication after the print-based journal and the digital online journal. The concept of the journal as the cornerstone of the scientific enterprise has evolved as new media technologies have become available. Industrial media known for its broadcast functionality of one to the many now is being replaced and remediated with video and mixed media increasingly with an accent on responsiveness and interactivity. In the second part of the presentation forms of visuality are explored and new visualization methodologies are discussed. An agenda is established for the potential and possibilities for Video Journal for Education and Pedagogy as a theoretical, philosophical, sociological, methodological and pedagogical site for future scholarship.

Pedagogies of Educational Transitions: European and Antipodean Research

By Nadine Ballam, Bob Perry, Anders Garpelin (Editors)

This book presents the latest research on educational transitions from a variety of research traditions and practical contexts set in Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries. It examines, critically questions, and reshapes ideas and notions about children’s transitions to school. The book is divided into five parts, the first two of which emphasise diversity and inclusion, with Part II focusing solely on the transition to school for children from Indigenous cultures. Part III explores the notion of continuity, which has been widely debated in terms of its role in the transition to school. Part IV explores the transition to school through the notion of ‘crossing borders’. The final section of this book, Part V, includes ideas about future directions for work in the area of educational transitions, and presents the notion of transitions as a tool for change to policy, research and practice. The book concludes with a critical synthesis of the research outlined throughout, including recommendations regarding future research related to educational transitions.

Literacy in the Early Years: Reflections on International Research and Practice

By Claire McLachlan and Alison Arrow (Editors)

Published by Springer Publications

This edited collection provides an in-depth exploration of different aspects of contemporary early childhood literacy research and the implications for educational practice. Each chapter details how the research was conducted and any issues that researchers encountered in collecting data with very young children, as well as what the research findings mean for educational practice. It includes photographs of effective literacy practice, detailed explanations of research methods so the studies can be replicated or expanded upon, and key features for promoting effective literacy practice in early childhood settings. This book is an essential read for everyone who is interested in exploring the complexities and challenges of researching literacy acquisition in the youngest children.

A Companion to Wittgenstein on Education: Pedagogical Investigations

By Michael A. Peters, Jeff Stickney (Editors)

Published by Springer Publishing

This book, bringing together contributions by forty-five authors from fourteen countries, represents mostly new material from both emerging and seasoned scholars in the field of philosophy of education.  Topics range widely both within and across the four parts of the book: Wittgenstein’s biography and style as an educator and philosopher, illustrating the pedagogical dimensions of his early and late philosophy; Wittgenstein’s thought and methods in relation to other philosophers such as Cavell, Dewey, Foucault, Hegel and the Buddha; contrasting investigations of training in relation to initiation into forms of life, emotions, mathematics and the arts (dance, poetry, film, and drama), including questions from theory of mind (nativism vs. initiation into social practices), neuroscience, primate studies, constructivism and relativity; and the role of Wittgenstein’s philosophy in religious studies and moral philosophy, as well as their profound impact on his own life.

This collection explores Wittgenstein not so much as a philosopher who provides a method for teaching or analyzing educational concepts but rather as one who approaches philosophical questions from a pedagogical point of view.  Wittgenstein’s philosophy is essentially pedagogical: he provides pictures, drawings, analogies, similes, jokes, equations, dialogues with himself, questions and wrong answers, experiments and so on, as a means of shifting our thinking, or of helping us escape the pictures that hold us captive.

A Companion to Research in Teacher Education

By Michael A. Peters, Bronwen Cowie, Ian Menter (Editors)

Published by Springer Publishing

This state-of-the-art Companion assembles and assesses the extant research available on teacher education and provides clear guidelines on future directions. It addresses an important need in a collection that will be of value for teachers, teacher educators, policymakers and politicians.

There has been little sustained, long-term or systematic research to provide empirical support for the broad aspects of teacher education policy, largely because such research has been chronically underfunded and based on traditional practitioner knowledge. Many of the changes to teacher education are contentious and yet are occurring in rapid succession. These policies and movements have important consequences for education, teacher quality and the future of the teaching profession.

At the same time, the policies and initiatives that support these changes seem to be based more on ideology, business interests and tradition than on research and empirical findings. The nature, quality and effectiveness of teacher preparation have increasingly become a central focus for education policy worldwide in a fiercely argued debate among governments, think-tanks, world policy agencies, education researchers and teacher organisations..

Anti-Social Behaviour: A multi-national perspective of the everyday to the extreme

By Cate Curtis

Published by Sage Publishing

Cate Curtis seeks to disrupt assumptions about anti-social behaviour by bringing together a host of key concepts and theories applicable to the field. Going beyond individualised discussions, the book explores broader concepts such as the social construction of ‘anti-social behaviour’, ‘risk’ and ‘resilience’, and the social contents and influences under which these are most likely to occur. An excellent companion for researchers and postgraduate students in of anti-social behaviour across criminology, social psychology, sociology and social work.

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