Videos from 2014

  • Think Sustainability for the Future
    This is a snapshot of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.
    1st December 2014
  • The more we know, the more we don't know: Flood risk management in the 21st Century
    Professor Iain White specialises in the field of environmental planning. His work takes an interdisciplinary perspective that aims to better understand the nature of environmental problems and how they can be addressed. In his upcoming lecture Iain will provide insights into the difficulties in managing the risk of flooding and the new approaches to keeping water out of buildings.
    17th November 2014
  • Build your own race car on a shoestring budget
    Love fast cars and engineering? We spoke with two talented University of Waikato mechanical engineering students who, along with their small team, have designed and built their own racing car for the International Formula SAE- a race - all on a student budget.
    6th November 2014
  • International Students' Farewell - October 2014
    In October we said farewell to the visiting international students for B Semester, 2014. The farewell ceremony, held at the University of Waikato's Te Kohinga Mārama Marae, included a variety of New Zealand cultural performances as we looked back over a wonderful semester. We wish all visiting students the best of luck in their future studies.
    3rd November 2014
  • Measuring time in antiquity: Archaeoastronomy in the Greek and Roman worlds
    How was time measured in ancient Roman and Greek society? How did emperors and leaders control their people by manipulating time? And what role did the sun and stars play in the calendar? Professor Robert Hannah explores these questions in his inaugural professorial lecture in October.
    7th October 2014
  • Gallagher Great Race 2014
    Come along to the Great Race and witness the best of university rowing by bringing together varsity crews from around the globe to race against our home crew. Be sure to catch the action at the Ferry Bank (Grantham St) on September 18, 2014.
    28th August 2014
  • International Amazing Race Semester B
    We were pleased to host the Semester B 2014 International Students' Amazing Race at the University of Waikato. We hope all new students enjoyed the experience.
    27th August 2014
  • Kīngitanga Day 2014 - preview
    Kīngitanga Day is an opportunity for students, staff and the wider community to celebrate the University's distinctive identity, heritage and relationships. A fun and vibrant day is anticipated for the University and the community.
    26th August 2014
  • The City of the Future: What Can Hamilton Learn From the Others?
    Can we learn anything about building a better city? Come along on Wednesday, 28 August and hear from Neil Everson, the Planning and Economic Department Acting General Manager for the City of Hamilton, Ontario, who joins us via Skype, on how he led the successful revitalisation of his city.
    21st August 2014
  • What Does the Future of Viewing Look Like?
    On Wednesday, 20 August the public is welcome to join for a lecture on the future of film - viewing and film - going. University of Waikato Screen and Media department's Associate Professor Geoff Lealand will discuss the topic with a panel of entertainment experts.
    14th August 2014
  • Don't Get Bit-ten: How Safe Are You Online?
    Join Computing and Mathematical Science Senior Lecturer and head of the University of Waikato's new Cyber Security Lab, Dr Ryan Ko, on Wednesday, 13 August, to learn how you can enhance your digital safety today and in the future at this year's Winter Lecture Series.
    7th August 2014
  • It's Business Time: What Will Business Look Like in the Future?
    This year's Winter Lecture Series kicks off on 6 August on the topic of business and the future of businesses. Professor Juliet Roper and Associate Professor Eva Collins together with alumnus Chris Insley and online entrepreneur Steve Crowhurst will discuss the importance of sustainability and how business practices will change in the years to come.
    30th July 2014
  • Winter Lecture Series 2014
    The Winter Lecture Series is an annual free public lecture series run by the University of Waikato in August. It is a focused and relevant seminar series that provides an opportunity for robust discussion about a topical issue or issues within the community. The 2014 Winter Lecture Series kicks off on 6 August 2014 and runs each Wednesday evening throughout August.
    21st July 2014
  • Adult Learners' Week Awards 2014
    We speak with 2013 Adult Learners' Week award winner, Michelle Urquhart, about what her award means to her and how it has helped her in her law career.
    14th July 2014
  • My Father was a Race Alien: Globalisation and immigration in New Zealand
    In her Inaugural Professorial Lecture this month, Professor Michèle Akoorie, from the University of Waikato's Management School, will tell the tale of her father as a young Lebanese man leaving behind the hardships of his home country to search for new opportunities in New Zealand during the mid-20th century.
    7th July 2014
  • Farewell to our 2014 Semester A International Students
    We would like to wish our international visitors from Semester A, 2014 a warm farewell. We hope you have enjoyed your time here at the University of Waikato. This video looks back over an exciting summer of events and the official farewell ceremony.
    3rd July 2014
  • Experience Waikato Day 2014
    Did you miss our 2014 Open Day? Why not come along to the University of Waikato’s Experience Waikato Day on July 8 where you’ll be able to take part in a campus tour and speak one-on-one to our faculty staff about your study options.
    18th June 2014
  • Making, shaking and breaking: Why do solid materials behave like they do and how do we improve them? in soil testing
    In her Inaugural Professorial Lecture, Professor Kim Pickering will use examples from her career to demonstrate how materials science and engineering is a key driver for technological development and national economic success.
    16th June 2014
  • Fieldays 2014: Sensor technology in soil testing
    Professor Geoff Holmes, discusses his research around sensor technology in soil testing. Professor Holmes believes that sensor technology software being developed at the University will eventually enable farmers the ability to test soil on farm and produce instant analysis to determine regions within the farm which require specific attention.
    10th June 2014
  • Fieldays 2014: Improving energy efficiency in dairy plants
    In this video, Professor Peter Kamp, from the University of Waikato's Faculty of Science and Engineering, discusses his research around improving industrial energy efficiency in the dairy industry. The research also addresses how New Zealand milk powder is to remain cost competitive in a global market.
    9th June 2014
  • Fieldays 2014: Water problems and sustainable dairy - where's the balance?
    In this video the University of Waikato's Associate Professor, Graeme Doole, looks into the problems associated with water cleanliness and sustainable dairy farming practices. With increased Government regulation forcing reduction in nitrogen leaching, how are farmers expected to balance sustainability with economics?
    5th June 2014
  • Samoan Language Week 2014
    We're proud to be supporting Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa 2014 (Samoa Language Week) at the University of Waikato. The University has a commitment to building and enhancing the Pacific dimensions of our institution, and to represent a welcoming environment for Pacific staff and students.
    26th May 2014
  • Open Day 2014
    Nearly 3700 year 12 and 13 students attended Open Day from as far as Northland, Taranaki and Wellington. Various faculty attractions and demonstrations took part throughout the day and students were enabled a glimpse into university life. This short clips shows a montage of the day's highlights.
    21st May 2014
  • Research Institute Scholarships: Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear
    The University of Waikato has six flagship Research Institutes which are offering doctoral and masters scholarships. We spoke to scholarship recipient, Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear about her scholarship and why she would recommend other masters and doctoral students apply.
    20th May 2014
  • The politics of evidence: Assessment agenda
    What counts as evidence of student success, for whom and for what goal – are questions all educators need to be asking in this current climate, says Education Professor Bronwen Cowie. In her inaugural professorial lecture, Professor Bronwen Cowie hopes to raise contentious questions for educators interested in the agenda driving current educational decision-making.
    7th May 2014
  • Study Tourism at the University of Waikato: Renet Vanua
    In this video, Renet Vanua, from Papua New Guinea, explains why she chose to study Tourism at the University of Waikato and where she plans to take her degree in future.
    1st May 2014
  • Graduation - April 2014
    The University of Waikato would like to congratulate all students graduating this April.
    17th April 2014
  • Hamilton Stakeholder Breakfast
    University of Waikato Vice-Chancellor, Professor Roy Crawford, gives an update following the University's Hamilton Stakeholder Breakfast.
    17th April 2014
  • International Students Tubing Adventure at Waikato Caves 2014
    University of Waikato international students were treated to a day out tubing at the famous Waitomo Caves, New Zealand. This video follows the students as they embark on the exciting tubing adventure underground!
    10th April 2014
  • Student Profile: Louisa Kendall
    Palmerston North student, Louise Kendall, explains why she chose to study at the University of Waikato and the many exciting things the Waikato Region has to offer a student.
    10th April 2014
  • University of Waikato 50th Anniversary Video
    Palmerston North student, Louise Kendall, explains why she chose to study at the University of Waikato and the many exciting things the Waikato Region has to offer a student.
    10th April 2014
  • International Students' Farm Visit 2014
    International students from the University of Waikato recently took part in a Waikato farm visit. The students documented some of the day's highlights in this short video. Check out the fun they had at the farm!
    1st April 2014
  • Hot Air Balloon Ride 2014
    The University of Waikato is proud to be a major sponsor of the Balloons over Waikato event. This year one of our staff members took a GoPro camera on a hot air balloon ride over Hamilton City to share his wonderful experience.
    1st April 2014
  • Careers Festival 2014
    Alison Crean and Dean Howie from the University of Waikato Careers Office talk about the upcoming Careers Festival on the University of Waikato campus, March 26.
    19th March 2014
  • Campus Security 2014
    University of Waikato Security Manager, Ray Hayward, discusses the security phones at the University of Waikato and a few tips around staying safe on campus.
    19th March 2014
  • Orientation Week 2014
    Here is a snapshot of the activities during Orientation Week 2014. We hope all students have a successful semester. We would like to thank the Waikato Students' Union for their organisation of Orientation Week activities.
    10th March 2014
  • Beyond the Piggy Bank: Making financial literacy fly
    With money affecting just about everything we do, Professor Locke has chosen to talk about the importance of financial literacy in his inaugural professorial lecture.
    6th March 2014
  • International Orientation 2014: Fluffy Bunnies
    The University of Waikato is pleased to welcome all new international students to campus for 2014. Here are some of the highlights from the Fluffy Bunnies game during the orientation session.
    4th March 2014
  • International Orientation 2014: Amazing Race
    Once again we were pleased to host the 2014 International Students' Amazing Race at the University of Waikato. We hope all new students enjoyed the experience.
    4th March 2014
  • First day of University
    Are you beginning university study this year? Right now you might be feeling a little confused or daunted by the whole idea. Here, Student Recruitment Adviser, Cynthia McNabb, gives a few pointers to help you find your way around campus and get a flying start in your studies.
    24th February 2014
  • Uni101 Māori Student Support at the University of Waikato
    In this video, we chat to Māori Student Recruitment Adviser, Alonzo Mason, and Māori Liaison Adviser, Libby Gray, about the support services available to Māori students at the University of Waikato.
    23rd January 2014
  • Welcome to the University of Waikato 2014
    Kia ora and welcome to the University of Waikato/Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato. We look forward to another successful year for all students in 2014, kicking off with an action-packed orientation week of fun and student activities from Monday, February 24.
    23rd January 2014
  • Uni101: How to Apply to Enrol Following NCEA Results
    In this video University of Waikato Student Recruitment Advisers, TJ Cloete and Claire Culph, explain how to complete your application to enrol at the University of Waikato following the release of your NCEA results.
    16th January 2014
  • Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia won by Waikato Student
    University of Waikato Bachelor of Laws student, Michelle Chen, has recently been awarded $7000 in the inaugural round of the Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia.
    14th January 2014
  • Hill Laboratories Waikato Science Summer School 2013
    Investigating Waikato's coastal and cave environments was the task for 40 top Year 12 students at the University of Waikato recently. The week-long Hill Laboratories Waikato Science Summer School ran from 1-6 December and gave students a taste of what it is like to study science and engineering at tertiary level.
    14th January 2014

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