Student Services Fee

The Waikato Student Services Fee (formerly the Student Services Levy) is a compulsory fee which funds a range of student services for students both on campus and online.

The fee is reviewed and agreed each year. Students are consulted through a process led by the University’s Student Services Governance Committee (SSGC).

From 2021, the Student Services Fee was calculated on a per credit point basis rather than a flat fee for the period enrolled. In 2024, students will be charged a levy of $7.72 per credit point.

Below are examples of the calculated fees that illustrate how the fee changes based on the number of credits studied.

Example study period

Calculated levy

Full-time student studying 120 credits


Student studying 180 credits between March 2023 and March 2024 (e.g. MBM)


Net student studying 90 credits


Part-time student studying 30 credits in trimester A and 30 credits in Trimester B


What does the Student Services Fee fund?

A directive from the Ministry of Education ensures that the fee can only be used to fund specific designated services.
Areas that the SSF fund are:

Advocacy and Legal

Advocating on behalf of individual students and groups of students, and providing independent support to resolve problems. This includes advocacy and legal advice relating to accommodation.

Careers information, advice and guidance

Supporting students’ transition into post-study employment.

Counselling services

Providing non-academic counselling and pastoral care, such as chaplains

Employment information

Providing information about employment opportunities for students while they are studying.

Financial support and advice

Providing hardship assistance and advice to students on financial issues.

Health services

Providing health care and related welfare services.


Supporting the production and dissemination of information by students to students, including newspapers, radio, television and internet-based media.

Childcare services

Providing affordable childcare services while parents are studying.

Clubs and societies

Supporting student clubs and societies, including the provision of administrative support and facilities for clubs and societies.

Sports, recreation and cultural activities

Providing sports, recreation and cultural activities for students.

Who decides what the fee is spent on?

Decisions on Student Services Fee spending are made by students through a consultation process led by the SSGC.

SSGC is made up of the President, both Vice-Presidents and General Manager of the Waikato Students’ Union and the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Student Services.

Any changes to funding need to be proposed to the SSGC and then approved by students through consultation.

How is the fee currently allocated?

Each year, WSU conducts a broad student consultation process to review the levy allocations and potential new services.
The allocation of Student Services Fee for 2021 was broken into the following areas: