Intern part-time in a New Zealand organisation, while studying

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Gain international work experience, develop business connections, and broaden your industry skills through a part-time internship while studying abroad for a trimester.

Intern in a New Zealand-based organisation while studying abroad for a trimester at the University of Waikato. Through hands-on experience, you will increase your knowledge while enhancing your business acumen and developing invaluable industry connections. Spend your time in an organisation applying your knowledge to solve a real-world problem or contributing to a live project. Completing an internship alongside your academic studies will give you practical skills and enhance your employability, both at home and in New Zealand.

The Study + Intern programme is open to all majors offered at the University of Waikato, and you can earn academic credit for your internship!

Our internship placements include opportunities in a variety of organisations, including non-profit, corporate, and government sectors. Our placement process is professional and comprehensive. We work hard to find exciting and suitable placements for all our students.

Internship Details – two key components

Application and Placement Process

  1. Fill out an online application form
  2. Send a copy of your resume/CV and Cover Letter to
  3. Wait to hear from your internship placement manager
  4. Have a video call with your internship placement manager. This will help them understand your interests and background.
  5. Be matched with a potential organisation and complete an interview via video call.
  6. If you and the internship site are happy to proceed, then you will be presented with an internship offer. We work hard to ensure our students are happy with their first offer.
  7. Once you have accepted an offer, you will be given:
    • Role description
    • Pre-internship toolkit
    • Confirmation paperwork
    • Internship site details
    • Internship supervisor details
    • A copy of the agreed-upon dates and times
    • University of Waikato internship paper enrolment details

Applications Close

A Trimester

February - June

 B Trimester

July - November

 15 November  1 May


Examples of previous internships

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