Te Pou Taunaki Foundation

Learn about the independent charitable trust which administers donations to the University of Waikato and distributes funds to chosen areas.

Te Pou Taunaki Foundation is part of the University's Development Office, which also looks after alumni relations. 

The Foundation, a key part of the University's development efforts and welcomes support from a wide range of people.  Whether you're an alumnus, staff member, student, business, or simply someone who believes in Waikato, your contribution makes a difference.

Donations help the next generation of leaders thrive.

Te Pou Taunaki Foundation Board of Trustees

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University of Waikato Foundation - Te Pou Taunaki

The University of Waikato Foundation - Te Pou Taunaki is an independent charitable trust. By donating you are making a huge impact on the lives of the students who benefit from your generosity.