The Centre will be supported by association with several academic journals including:

Educational Philosophy & Theory

The philosophy of Education Society of Australasia [PESA] in conjunction with Taylor & Francis / Routledge publishes Educational Philosophy and Theory (EPAT). EPAT is a prestigious international journal, making significant contributions t educational philosophy and strengthening connections between educational  philosophy and other fields. It encourages submissions germane to ongoing theoretical conversions and dialogues from all areas of study in education, the arts and sciences. It publishes articles concerned with all aspects of educational philosophy and considers manuscripts from other areas of pure or applied educational research e.g curriculum theory, educational history, educational policy and higher education.

Published articles and special issues are based on a broad range of contextual topics in educational research and theory from influential and respected authors.

By joining PESA you will have a free subscription to EPAT & via our online portal, access to Taylor and Francis's abstracts database & to 5 other journals:

Education, Comparative Education, Ethics and Education, Journal of Curriculum Studies & Journal of Education Policy 

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Policy Futures in Education

Policy Futures in Education is a futures orientated journal dedicated to promoting debate in education among universities academics, national and international policy advisors and policy analysts in national and local government, politicians and world policy agencies. The journal is internationally peer-reviewed and has a strong experimental focus emphasizing innovative thinking in education policy and theory from a range of diverse viewpoints. It currently publishes special issues on current policy debates along with traditional academic papers and national reviews.

E-Learning and Digital Media

E-Learning and Digital Media is a peer-reviewed international journal that interrogates the differing ways that disciples and alternative approaches can illuminate the study of technically mediated education. Specifically directed towards the research of e-learning and its diverse aspects: sociological, philosophical, political, pedagogical, economic and curricular. Changing the title in 2010 from E-Learning this journal reflects the new and interdisciplinary approaches taken in the field of digital technologies in education. From 2015 this will be published by SAGE.

Knowledge Cultures

Knowledge Cultures is a journal dedicated to exploring research with a special focus on how knowledge futures will help shape higher education in the future. Knowledge Cultures is a multidisciplinary journal drawing from multiple sectors of the humanities and the social sciences to explore the intersection of theoretical problems concerning information and knowledge production and exchange., the boundaries between academia, the knowledge economy, the development of learning and knowledge networks and emerging concepts of freedom, ad the development of the intellectual commons with an accent on digital sustainability including globalization of higher education along with access and justice in the organization of knowledge production. Knowledge Cultures is published by Addleton Academic Publishers, New York. Learn more about Addleton Academic Publishers.

Encyclopaedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory

The Encyclopedia of Educational Philosophy and Theory (EEPAT), founded in 1999 under the title Encyclopedia of Philosophy of Education, is a dynamic study space for students, teachers, researchers and professional in the field of education, philosophy and social sciences. It offers theoretically concurrent explanations of theoretical and practical interests in the area of philosophy and education.

Open Review of Educational Research

The Open Review of Educational REsearch (ORER) is a new open access journal published by Taylor & Francis / Routledge. ORER publishes papers from a multidisciplinary perspective, accepting both quantitative and qualitative studies, along with articles that employ historical or philosophical orientations. Underpinned by an approach to educational studies and research that is committed to the principles of openness in education and research, and by philosophies of education that seek to explore the purpose of education and the role of new open technologies which promote greater exchange, interactivity, sharing and collaboration across academic specialties and across cultures. Open Review of Educational Research is a journal that also encourages non-standard contributions and state-of-the-art literature reviews.