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Centre Aims

The Centre for Global Studies in Education (CGSE) aims to promote and support international collaborative research to better understand global issues and to develop practical policy solutions to global challenges, emphasising the Asia-Pacific region.

CGSE will explore and innovate using multidisciplinary approaches to develop a distinctive emphasis on international education, and strategic economic and knowledge development education within the global knowledge economy in order to achieve the following:

  • Develop a set of distinctive research priorities that support, explore and develop 'open education' and 'open science' initiatives as a new model of public space;
  • Promote, develop and investigate the concept and practice of intercultural education and dialogue as a coherent disciplinary approach to global studies;
  • Build and evaluate international and graduate knowledge cultures, through study abroad, online learning programmes and knowledge exchanges, as the critical interfaces between graduate teaching and research.

Research Themes

  • Openness and global educational development
  • Intercultural education and dialogue
  • Building global knowledge cultures
  • The 'glocal' teacher
  • Children & poverty

The Centre is available to conduct major research projects for external funding agencies, and to undertake consultancy within New Zealand and internationally.

Please contact us with any queries.

For general education research enquiries, please contact Margaret Drummond at the Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (WMIER).


Professor Michael Peter discusses Openness in Education and Radical Openness.