When workflow is on in your assignment settings, marks will be hidden from students until you release them. Workflow is on by default on new assignments. This page shows you how to release marks to all or some students.

For information on how to turn marking workflow on, see here.


Quizzes do not use marking workflow. See How to release quiz marks.

  1. On the top left-hand corner of your Moodle paper, open the Paper index.

    Screenshot from Moodle of an Assessment block. An assignment link is highlighted in a red box for emphasis..

  2. Scroll down and select the assignment for which you want to release grades.

  1. At the top left under the assignment tab, select View all submissions.

Screenshot from Moodle showing assignment portal. At the bottom "view all submissions" is highlighted in a red box for emphasis.

  1. Use the checkboxes to the left of each student to choose which students' marks you wish to release, or use the checkbox at the top under Select to select all participants.

If no students/submissions are showing, or only a few of the students, scroll down and check the Options settings. The Filter and the Workflow filter should both be set to No filter in order to show all submissions. If Assignments per page is set to less than your total number of students, change this or go to the next page to see remaining submissions.

  1. Scroll down below the list of students, then in the With selected menu choose Set marking workflow state, then select Go.

Screenshot in Moodle for setting marking workflow state.


If a pop-up box appears asking to Set marking workflow state for all selected submissions?, select OK.

Pop-up box with message, "Set marking workflow state for all selected submissions?" The OK option is selected.

  1. In the Marking workflow state drop-down menu, select Released.

Screenshot in Moodle of marking workflow state. Workflow state is set to release and notify student is set to yes. There is a box around the Save changes button for emphasis.


For Notify student, select Yes if you would like students to receive an email notification that their grade is available.

Screenshot of Moodle showing Notify students options. "Yes" is highlighted.

  1. Select Save changes.

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