Comments are the most useful tool when giving constructive feedback back to students. Turnitin Feedback Studio allows you to do so in either a QuickMark form, or a comment form which can be either written or oral.

1. Go to the assignment you wish to mark in Turnitin Feedback Studio.

2. Select the assignment text where you wish to add a comment.  A bubble with three icons will appear.

3. Select the central speech bubble icon.

4. In the pop up box, write your comment.

5. To save comment, click anywhere outside the comment box.

6. To delete comment, select the rubbish bin icon on the bottom left of the comment.

Note: If you find that you are often making the same comment, you can select the comment, then select Convert to QuickMark on the bottom right of the pop-up box. Follow the prompts to give your comment a Title, choose a QuickMark Set, and Save your new QuickMark.

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