University of Waikato current guidelines state that students cannot use an artificial intelligence (AI) tool, such as ChatGPT, to produce or rewrite their assignment or test answer and submit it as their own, unless the assignment instructions specifically require them to use an AI tool, such as ChatGPT. Increasingly, however, ChatGPT and other AI tools are being accepted by academic journals, with the requirement that authors should acknowledge their use as you would with any source.

The use of AI in assessment is a rapidly evolving space. Detection tools may help instructors to identify when text is likely to have  been generated by AI; however, it may be more beneficial to see tools like ChatGPT as potential aids.

Talk about the use of AI with your students, and acknowledge that AI will impact your teaching and assessment practices. See the Promoting Academic Integrity page for some general tips on assessment design which will help support ethical conduct in assessment.

The use of AI does not automatically lead to a case of academic misconduct. There are ways to harness these technologies and acknowledge that AI is here to stay and will continuously evolve. AI is a part of the workplace and our students will encounter and  use AI when they embark on their careers.